Prayer Requests

     Prayer is possible because Jesus connected us to God.  We are blessed each day with the ability to connect and live through God.  Below is one of my favorite Bible verses; it demonstrates the power behind prayer.

     We would love to hear your prayer requests.  Please note that you may want to only use your first name as requests are public.

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

~ Philippians 4:6-7


   May God bless you!

56 thoughts on “Prayer Requests

  1. Please pray for my dear friend’s loved ones named Alex and Roland, that God would strengthen their minds and bodies.
    Also please pray for the healing of her good friend Rosalva who was recently in a car accident. Thank you!!

  2. I need plenty more belief, plenty more power of prayer and more Holy Ghost with me. Please pray also that God gives me gifts of God’s grade.

  3. Hi everyone,

    I haven’t been on in a while bc I changed my e-mail and then registered again but it still said incorrect e-mail.

    Please pray for me as the job I currently have is very difficult. The coworkers are nice but the management is very bad. Two Speech Pathologists just quit.
    I just got an interview for this week and it is 5 minutes from my house vs. 60 minutes to my current work.
    I feel God is giving me signs to leave my current job. I pray about it and I hear confirmation that I will get this new job. Please pray that I am confident, eloquent, and am very professional during my interview.
    Thank you all for your support. 🙂


  4. Hello Everyone,
    Would you please pray for me to find a tire for my car ASAP and for God’s provision and protection over us and our loved ones? I have been under major spiritual attack and I would really appreciate your prayers, to put the enemy in his place- out of my life. Bless you and thank you.

  5. Lynne,
    Thank you so much for your prayer requests! We will definitely be praying for your marriage, Noel, and your husband’s walk with God. Unfortunately, we will not be at PTA this Friday because my sister wanted to take Garrett and I out to dinner, but I have an awesome speech ready for next Friday. The subject is on change! Ahhhhh.

    Have you had a chance to show your husband the Love Dare?- VERY POWERFUL-We would be honored if he fellowshipped with us.

  6. Hi Misha it’s Lynne from P.T.A. can you please pray for my husband for his walk with the Lord that he would become the spiritual leader of my family and for Noel and her depression. Of course I pray for this as well but I need your prayers too.

    Thank You
    see you friday

  7. Hi everyone,

    Can you please pray for my aunt Rosanna. She was recently laid off and is having a difficult time finding a job. Please pray for strength during this difficult time.

    Please also pray for my Grandma who has hypertension because she is worried about her daughter.

    thank you all so much,


  8. Dear Lord,

    I have a big interview tomorrow. I have had many health issues the past few months and I want this job so badly!
    I have practiced mock interviews with my mom and have
    practiced in front of the mirror for hours. I even have the perfect outfit that is professional and cute! Please dear Lord
    allow me to find the confidence, the poise, and eloquence within me during tomorrow’s interview. You are wonderful dear Lord. Thank you for giving me this amazing opportunity to land a great job and help children with special needs.

    I love you, amen

  9. Thank You!!! The good news is that the doctor told me that I should not be in so much pain and gave me numbing patches. The bad news is that I have bruises on my knees because I kept falling yesterday. The numbing patch numbed my stomach.

    It such a blessing to know that I have people praying for me!

  10. Hi everyone,

    My friend Renee said she was feeling better. However, she is still very ill. Please keep her in your prayers.

    thank you all,


  11. Dear Lord,

    Please heal my dear friend Misha. Heal her stomach and heal her spirit. Remind her to trust in You and your healing powers.
    You are amazing Lord and I am sure that You will help her with
    a speedy recovery. I also ask that you heal her heart regarding her decision to not attend the Royal Family Kids Camp. Dear Lord watch over these children while they are at camp. Ensure that they are safe and healthy. It’s wonderful how you are helping these children grow in their relationship with You so that they may help create a world with more light and happiness.

    Amen to a wonderful healing God

  12. Hello Everyone,
    I would be very grateful if you can keep me in your prayers for speedy healing. I am not sure why I am in so much pain. At night, I feel like someone is stabbing me in the stomach and I can’t sleep, and during the day, I feel like I have a fishing hook attached to my stomach. Recently, I had to make a very tough decision to not be a camp counselor for Royal Family Kids Camp this summer. I am in still in tears because I feel like they are my 3rd family. Please keep everyone at camp in prayer. It’s amazing to see how God works through such tender souls.

    Thank you so much and God bless,

  13. Dear Lord,

    I pray for my dear friend Renee. Her health is very poor right now. I pray that you heal her body and soul. She has gone through so much in the past few years. Please help her keep the faith that she will be better and move on with her life.


  14. Dear Lord,

    Thank you for being so AMAZING! Last night was my second night of doing much better with the transition of meds. I actually slept through the night! Thank you for being such a great healer! I am so blessed to have wonderful friends and family and a wonderful boyfriend!

    I love you dear Lord!

  15. Dear Peggy,
    I am sorry for not being more communicative. The pain from the surgery is much more debilitating than I thought it would be. Your words are beautiful and so true. I am sad to hear about Patti because she sounds like she really made a difference in the lives of those she touched. I really appreciate your kind words and hold them in my heart.
    Thank you and God bless!

  16. Brianna,
    I am so glad that you are doing better. You sounded like you were full of joy on the phone.
    Bless your joy!

  17. Dear Peggy,

    Thanks for your prayer. I feel better since writing that prayer request. I realize I am blessed to have wonderful friends and family. I also realize God is always here for me.

    thanks again!

  18. God,is there with you.sometimes we can’t feel Him,but he is there,you are under his pinons,covered,in his are his child,he truly loves you,be still now,get quiet,think no thoughts,just waite for him to speak to you.It takes time,clear your thoughs.God wants all his children to be well.Stand stronge,in his word,in this time,dont fear,but stand in faith on what he has said in his word.Jesus is the living word,an he died for you.that you might have life abundantly.God I ask that you bless,Sportichiko3,with your unfailing love,an good strength,in health as he stands on you unfailing word. amen

  19. Dear Lord,

    I feel so helpless right now. It is so difficult with this transition of medications. I feel so helpless in being able to do things as simple as going camping with friends. I am afraid I may have health issues and I can’t do the things I enjoy. I am also fearful about my future. I feel that you are calling me to lead a more humble life and I have to learn to accept this. If I am only able to work as a SLPA I need to realize this is your plan and that I can still be happy and help children. This is my passion dear Lord so why am I so afraid I won’t be happy? I am also fearful of being able to provide for my family. I have so many fears dear Lord. Please help me keep my faith in You and realize You will help me overcome these fears and accept what life throws at me.

    I love you dear Lord,


  20. God,always brings us to places where we are,so we have the opportunity to see how much he loves us.We sometimes get to those places by things we say for, out of our mouth, are blessings an curses,as the word says.Our lives can be so complecated at times .Patti is dieing,but her entire family on sunday after Church came to her house an were all Baptised.Praise God,an the angles rejoyced.God is always teaching us new things (if) we are open to him an always standing on his promises of his word.Lord your word says Christ came that we might have life an have it more abundently.Your word is life,an health to all,your word IS YES AN AMEN,it is done Speak gods word outloud,By his stripes you are healed,until you your faith knows in your heart,that it is done unto you.FAITH comes BY HEARING,we can never here the Word to many times,but when we here it (say it ,speak it,out loud)it gets into us into the heart(soul)it produces Faith,to Stand on.Confess the Word God Bless You,as He Heal’s You.

  21. Brianna,
    Thank you so much for your prayer! Garrett and I very much appreciate your love and support. How can we pray for you?

  22. Dear Lord,
    Please heal Misha’s neck and back so that she may be free of pain. Dear Lord I pray that Misha and Garrett be blessed in their finances so they will not have to worry about them and be able to spread your love. Lord, protect Misha’s family at this time and all of Misha’s relationships within her family. I also pray, dear Lord, that this blog may impact many individuals, especially ones that may be lost, confused, in pain, and don’t no where to turn. It is your amazing love that will help us all get through the difficult times.



  23. For some reason, I find it much easier to pray for others than to share my prayer requests. I guess it is because I am admitting that I need help. The beauty of praying for one another is that we are encouraging each other to seek God and realize that He is good ALL the time, even when we have our doubts.

    So here goes…
    Please keep me in prayer for my neck and back. I am still very limited physically and in a lot of pain (off and on).
    Last Sunday, Garrett and I started a 6am Bible study called Experiencing God. The study is awesome and has definitely brought all of us closer (God, Garrett, and me). My prayer is that we are able to do this every morning and develop a very strong spiritual habit.
    I also pray for us to be abundantly blessed financially so that we can share our blessings with others and not be controlled by our finances.
    I pray for an incredibly large hedge of protection around my family and loved ones. The enemy has tossed me around one too many times.
    Lastly, I pray that this blog impacts the lives of more people than I have imagined, spreading God’s Word and love. Thank you all for your prayers and support.

  24. Peggy,
    I want to commend you on your integrity and ability to truly walk the Christian walk. I pray that your husband is healed and full of God’s love when you reunite. I also pray for a sweetness over your marriage.

  25. Dear Peggy,
    I am very sorry to hear about Patti’s condition. It saddens me to think of a husband and daughter being left behind. I will be praying for God to shower the family with courage, peace, and a miracle. Bless you for being there for Patti.

  26. Patti,who has cancer, had surgery on friday,they cant do anything,I know God can still do his work,Her husband still has a 15 year old daughter at home,an he, I dont really know if he knows Jesus?So this family still needs prayer.she was sent to a Hospis yesterday.God I know how much you love Patti,an each one of her family members be there with them,still there hearts,let them look up to you,to meet patti’s needs,Give them courage,peace,an faith in you for a miricle.

  27. My God Shall Supply All Our needs,As I finished work one day,got in car,Said Thank you God for my day,An for protection,He Immeadiatly,Said’I AM YOUR HIDING PLACE”,As I drove home He said,”Love God An Do Good’ I did not know where these were in Scripture.Went to study An the minister said the hiding place one an told where to find it.the Spirit went thru me.The next morning,I decided to read a Pslam,I opened to the pslams,not turning a page on top was the other scripture,I am learning How Much God really loves me,but he Loves All of You Just the Same.He gave me Pslams 32:an this chapter has an still is so important to us all.Our Faith is at all tines benefical in every area of our lives,sence my husband left it has given me time to concentrate on my relationship,in god.When my husband comes back,I will have to set aside this time,but now I know I was missing the best things,and that was More Of God,in me.I just wanted to share May All Your Prayers Be answered , AMEN

  28. Dear Peggy,
    First of all, please allow me to apologize for my late response, as today is my first day out of bed since Thursday.

    I am honored to pray for Patti Johnson and support any efforts in taking down the enemy. Please keep us posted as to what we can do in terms of prayer. I cannot wait to hear about Patti’s healing and the work God does through her.

    God bless all of you!

  29. Peggy Have a family member,who has Cancer, Am sure she an her extended family are sick,of Satens attacks on her.I am putting her name,Patti Johnson,on every prayer page I can,because we in Christ In Faith,Trusting, Have the Power in prayer,as the Resuriction,in him there is power,stronger than Saten.I pray Patti, Will be healed in in Juses Name,Please Come in to agreement with me as the body of Christ,AMEN

  30. Dear Lord,

    I pray that you heal Misha during this difficult time. I pray that you heal her neck and her other symptoms that are causing her pain. I pray that you help her overcome her fear during this time and know that she is loved and cared for by her family and of course by You.


  31. Peggy,
    I was wondering how you were holding up. Like many of us here, I admire your strength and love for Christ. It must be difficult to remain patient during this trying time. Thank you for sharing the power that scripture has and continues to have on your life. I pray for you to remain strong, patient, and ready for what God will bless you and Jim with!

    God bless,

  32. Thank God I am still seperated from Jim,He wants to come home but I told him he cant come here until he gets a job,an gets Christian counceling.Please pray for him in this he needs to see how much God loves him an say thank you lord,This has been my prayer,that he turn to our Lord.God has taught me to relie on him,am still not but making ends meet but am so thankfull God let me go through this ,because I am stronger in him,than before.Pslams 23,He is my shepard I shall not want,He makes(GET this) He Makes me,lie down in Green Pastures,He Leadith me by still waters, He restorith,My soul,yea though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of death(close calls,mind set ,let me go lord,better than going thru this,pitty party) I willfear no evil,For Thou Art With Me,Thy Rod (rod like Moses had) an Staff(crook,hook,bent staff to pull me back with)Comfort Me,(Lean on them)Thou are(hast) prepared A Table(Feast)Before for ME, Before Mine Enemines,My Cup Runith Over,Surley,Surley,Goodness An Mersey Shall Follow Me all the Days Of My Life.An Dwell Be with Him Forever.

  33. Shelley,
    Garrett and I are touched by how truly special Ethan is. He is definitely a fighter and we know God is fighting with Him. We will continue to pray and look forward to hearing how God will work in Ethan’s life. Ethan is absolutely adorable and you are blessed beyond belief to have him as an incredible addition to your family. Please keep us all posted.
    God bless you.

  34. Please continue to pray for our 11 month old son, Ethan. he has another hospital stay last month because of his Cystic Fibrosis. The Lord sustained him and our four other children during this time. I know God has great plans for his life. Please pray that his acid reflux will continue to improve and that the Lord will keep him well and keep his lungs strong as he endures his medicines and breathing treatments each day of his young life. He is such a blessing to us and we love him with all of our hearts. Thank you everyone.

  35. Dear Prabhatkumarmali,
    Let me first apologize for not getting back to you sooner! You have been in my prayers. I admire your courage to place a prayer request that is so dear to your heart. I am also inspired by the love you have for Christ. We will continue to pray for you and your family. A friend of mine once told me that God says three things, “Yes,” “Not right now,” or “I have something better for you.” I am excited about how God will abundantly bless you and your family. Please continue to update us and how you are doing and what we can pray for you for.
    God bless you and your family.

  36. praise The Lord
    i have 1 prayer request .–
    i have been going through the financial crisis . to maintenance our children home . as well as we have to pay our house rent . Food materials bills .we have no support from anywhere any church, organizasion maintaining is very difficulty . plz prayer for us

    and for our needs and ministry
    amen .
    Thank you.
    I would to requested to you plz pray for us and most needed finnancial help for our children home .
    plz pray and support us .

    NAME. Prabhatkumarmali.
    A/,statebank of india . branch code no .0055,chatrapur , dist-ganjam , Orissa,india .
    plz pray and do some help its my inner heartly requested to you .
    plz don’t mind / think . do some thing’s in this time of trouble and ful fill our needs .
    for God’s Glory
    thank you madam

  37. I love that you are renewing your faith and and want to become closer to God! I will be praying for God to bless you with guidance, protection, and strength. Remeber that you can do ALL things through Christ!
    God bless,

  38. Hi, i am going trough a time in my life where im finding out ive been taking many of the Lords iffers for granted,so im trying my best to renew my faith.
    It hurts that ive just meditated on this when i am most in need of the Lord’s help.
    This is my situation,over the last year,i havent been as dedicated to my college work and studies due to immaturity that has bred procrastination in me.
    As a result i am in situation where i have been terminated from college due to poor grades and all.Its been long going now with appeals and all,but since i started praying and fasted for 3 days last week,Ive had some hope since then.I appealed to the President of my college,was able to get my faculty Dean to recommend my appeal for reinstatement into my course(Microwave Engineering)..Im at a situation where i am waiting for the appeal result,and I am praying its positive,,I need your prayers for a positive result and also pray for me to get closer to God at all times and learn to be thankful for everything He has done for me,because it immense…I plan to fast tomorrow as well..
    God bless you all.With you all in prayer..

  39. Dear Peggy,
    I will not pretend that I know how you feel and am so sorry for all the pain you are feeling right now. You may not be aware of this, but the fact that you took time to be real and write your prayer request will in turn create a domino effect of God’s love, pouring through to those who need it the most. I admire your rock solid faith and never-ending love for Christ. Your walk with God is incredible! My husband and I will pray for Jim to not only feel God’s love, but to share it as well. 45 years is a demonstration of commitment and unconditional love. We will pray for you to continue to be strong in Christ and to keep Isaiah 40:31 in your heart. “Yet those who WAIT for the LORD will gain new strength; They will mount up with wings like eagles, They will run and NOT get tired, They will walk and NOT become weary.”

    God bless you!

  40. Please,pray for Jim Boozer,we married 45 yrs. seperated,he is involved with drugs,an a woman who does drugs with him. He needs the Lord,he says he belives but no fruit. he 65 yrs. old, I pray the Holy Spirit can and will get through to his heart. An Pray for me his wife, living on barley enough, sometimes want to give up,am also 65,still working because i need to, he doesen,t help me much. am barley making it in these tough times. But i love the Lord am trying to hold on to that trust,hard.

  41. Dear God,
    Please help me surrender to you and trust in you. I am scared of not achieving my goals and what my future holds. Please give me strength, confidence, and faith that things will be much better this semester. You have given me more resources and surrounded me with loving friends and family.
    Please help me have faith and believe that everything will be ok.


  42. God bless you and your family Shelley! Your walk with God is truly beautiful. Garrett and I will continue to pray for Ethan.

  43. I am here to report that after a one week hospital stay nearly a month ago, Ethan is doing much better. He still has his daily struggles and regimen with his Cystic Fibrosis, but he’s recovering better from a severe bout of bronchitis. Thank you all for your ongoing prayers. We take it one day at a time.

  44. Shelly,
    Garrett and I have you in our prayers and know that God will help Ethan gain the weight and strength he needs. We are so proud of all the work you are doing and admire your faith. We love you!

  45. Please pray for my seven month old son, Ethan. He was diagnosed at 2 weeks old with Cystic Fibrosis. It’s a serious lung disease where sticky mucus builds up in the lungs triggering serious lung infections. It also affects the pancreas since the pancreas doesn’t produce the enzymes it needs to digest food. The result can be repeated lung infections and the inability to digest food and gain weight appropriately. He has had many challenges since birth including already experiencing pneumonia. We do anywhere from two to four breathing treatments daily with him and he is on various medications and takes synthetic pancreatic enzymes before each feeding for the rest of his life. Major strides have been made in research for this disease over the last decade and it affects slightly less than 100,000 in this country.

    We are trusting that God will do a miraculous healing in his little body. We feel blessed to have our little boy. He’s our treasure! He has four older brothers and sisters who love him dearly.

    Thank you all for your prayers for our little one. May God Bless You All.

  46. I am responding with an update. I am a bunch of fears sometimes, and life can exhaust me. Two people on my high school staff died after I wrote this prayer request, which put my concerns in perspective. One was in his seventies with continuing health problems, but one person slipped and fell in her fifties. Life is fragile. I am alive, and that needs to be my focus. I will have a quick surgery this week on Wednesday, and it is not dangerous, and I can expect few side effects.

    I applied for a new position. Whatever is in the Highest Good. I’m OK.

  47. I sometimes still feel awkward or weird to ask for prayers. Here I go anyway.

    1. I am experiencing a few health problems, and I wish to manage through them effectively. I thought to write further, but that is generally the problem, and to write details reminds me that my life is changing, and I am still catching up.

    2. I am in the process of applying for a different job. I do not yet know if it is right for me, even if I were to be fortunate to have an offer. I do know that I need to either cope better with where I am in my work, or to make a change, maybe an in between job, which will change where I live, my medical benefits or lack thereof, and other parts of my life. My values are the same, but I cannot quite tell where I belong, and it was going OK for some time, so this not knowing can frighten me, when i wish to remember I am loved and and and will be OK wherever I am.

    I believe I am seeking less physical pain and more clarity. It makes sense that confusion can go hand in hand with health issues. I am not hopeless. I am tired, and I am frustrated, when I have the energy to be frustrated, and mostly frustrated with myself. I want to be the loving, hopeful person inside of me, the one I have been and feel I am, and I am wavering to an extent.

    I may be asking for prayers that I find the best path to serve God, to be financially independent, and to figure it out soon. That is what is going on in my inside. Thank you for letting me share.

  48. Hi fellow Christians,

    I am writing a prayer request because I am in a difficult situation right now and my goals for my future are being tested. I feel that God is with me when it comes to this situation because I feel His grace instead of Satan’s pull of hatred. Please pray that I will continue my walk with God’s grace, persevere in school, and when I am suffering anxiety God will help me through it so I may continue to pursue my goal of helping individuals.

    thank you and God bless,


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