As you are reading this post, you may not be able to shake off that feeling of waiting. Whether you’re waiting to hear back from a job interview, waiting to get lab results back, or waiting for that promised breakthrough, the fact still remains that you are waiting.  I just finished reading a chapter titled “Waiting” in Joni Eareckson Tada’s book a lifetime of wisdom and I wanted to share her wisdom with you in the hope that it will make whatever you are waiting for a bit easier.

These are some of the things I picked up:

*Waiting is not easy.

*“It is important to be still when waiting on God so that He can give you Himself.”

*God will give you the strength to wait and He grants you peace as you are waiting if you surrender your heart and mind to Him.

*“We should not wait to live. We have to keep living while we are waiting.”

*“All and all, it’s worth the wait.”

*Keep in mind Isaiah 40:31:

But those who hope in the LORD
Will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles;
They will run and not grow weary,
They will walk and not be faint.

I am the last person to praise the process of waiting.  Waiting is very difficult for me, especially this last month when we discovered my dad had melanoma skin cancer.  My mom shared the news with tears running down her cheeks.  I asked her what the next step was and she said, “Well, we have to wait to get back the results from the lab tests.”  That week of waiting seemed almost unbearable. I tossed and turned in my sleep and I was miserable during the day.  It seemed like every what if I could think of plagued my mind.

After that long and difficult week, the results were not very favorable.  Surgery would have to be done immediately.  We had to wait for my dad to get an appointment, wait for my dad to see a surgeon, wait for other lab work to be done, and finally wait to see how the surgery took.

Joni’s statement, “All and all, it’s worth the wait,” resonated with me; I can understand the truth behind her words. We pulled together as a family and we had all of our loved ones praying for my dad. He was showered with more love than he could probably take in.  I had several emotional wrestling matches with God and He showed me each time His strength.  I am pleased to say that my dad’s surgery was a success and that he is cancer-free!!  Now tears are rolling down my cheeks.

What is it that you are waiting for? Do you have any prayer requests you would like to share with us? Do you feel like God is BIG enough to handle your situation? Are you sick of hearing about God because you felt let down in the past? Please tell me what is on your heart. Sharing is never easy, but it sure feels good once you do.