Do You Want to Contact Me?

“There are many things which a person can do alone, but being a Christian is not one of them. As the Christian life is, above all things, a state of union with Christ, and of union of his followers with one another, love of the brethren is inseparable from love of God. Resentment toward any human being cannot exist in the same heart with love to God. The personal relationship to Christ can only be realized when one has “come to himself” as a member of His Body, the Christian fellowship.”  William T. Ham

I am blessed beyond belief to fellowship with you.

Please do not hesitate to contact me.


5 thoughts on “Do You Want to Contact Me?

  1. Hi I m James from the dog park You might remember My dog Milton I finally got to cheak out you sight.
    Hope to see you soon
    James.”D-A-W-N” ! oh yeah and Milton

  2. Luis,
    We will definitely keep you guys in prayer and we are grateful for your fellowship on this blog.
    Please pray for God to be the center of our marriage, for God’s provision, and for our faith muscles to grow.

    Thank you for the prayers!!

  3. Hi Michelle……

    Prayers –

    1. My marriage……seeking strength and guidance from the Lord

    2. Family moving to Orange county in next 4-6 months…….

    Thank you….

    How can i pray for you guys..?

  4. Luis,
    What an honor for my husband to play softball with such a godly man! I agree with you in that God certainly works in mysterious ways and I am thrilled that He is able to help you love your wife during trying times. Thank you for your fellowship and support. If you feel led, please spread the word to as many men as possible. I cannot wait to see how God will work through all of you!!

    May God truly bless you and your family,

    How can Garrett and I be praying for you and your family?

  5. Hi Michelle – I’m Luis and I don’t come here often…lol

    WHAT a HUGE blessing this is…! Your husband, which I have never met in my life, yet we play in the same softball league together and I’m sure you agree is a great guy – led me to this (OR – was it really him….????)

    God sometimes does some amazing things through people. At first you never understand what He’s doing – but later it becomes soo clear to us. I know He’s doing, or is going to do something with this, and I can’t wait to see the blessings come forth….

    I look forward to your 40 day Love Dare’s – I’m in..!!

    Lord bless,


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