My Achilles’ Heel

Businessman Stepping on Banana Peel

I just came across a post from Cycleguy’s Spin that really hit home for me.  The topic is envy and what it does to us.

I struggle with envy because I do not understand how God can love me as much as the person who does more than me…continued on Curve Balls

2 thoughts on “My Achilles’ Heel

  1. Thanks Sandy! I am sorry for the late response. I have been having computer issues. I really appreciate how you and Bob continue to be wonderful vessels of Gods love.

  2. I think you nailed it on the head, Misa. What God wants more than anything from us is for us to be in relationship with Him. That’s why loving people and loving God are the 2 things He asks of us. It’s far more important than living by certain rules or insisting that others do. Thanks for your blog.

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