In His Arms

I remember when our family would take off for Mammoth during Christmas break. My dad, being an avid skier, got us all started on skiing at the early age of 3.  By age 8, I was tearing down black diamond runs.  Interestingly enough, I did not mind skiing down practically vertical slopes, but I was terrified of a particular chairlift…Chair 23.  The name still sends chills down my spine…

Dad: “Misa, come on, let’s go. We need to get on the chairlift otherwise we can’t ski the mountain.”

Me: “But, daddy, the chair scares me and I am afraid of falling off.”

Dad: “Nonsense, I got you.”

I begrudgingly moved to the chairlift and as soon as we got on it, my dad wrapped his arms around my shoulder and placed the pole like a seat belt in front of me.  “You see,  he said, “I have got you.”

I think back to how many times our Father in heaven sees our fear and wraps His arms around us and secures us where we are.  So many times, I have feared falling, but like my dad, God has protected me each time.

How has God protected you from falling or wrapped His arms around you?

8 thoughts on “In His Arms

  1. God loves us more than our earthly parents ever can for he is perfict, hence we are not able to compare God to our mom or dad. God does pertect us and let’s bad things happen to us though he perfects us to be shaped and moddlaed to be a Christian for others.

  2. God love us soooooo much that He sent his only Son (Jesus) who is without sin of any kind to buy us back through the blood sacrifice on the cross, then was barried, rose on the 3rd day. Jesus died for all man kind, though to receive this benefit you personly have to be active and qualified to yield your free will to Jesus! This intails becoming a Chistian, God will change you from the inside out. In the Bible it says if you love me then obay my word. Love me with all your heart, mind and soul (God made up of the holy trinity forming 1 God). The second is love your neighbor as your self this is the law and the profits that is the Bible.
    The Bible is important to know for it is Gods love letter writen to you personly. This a wonderful gift to the believer for our God wants a personal relationship with you, hence this is the reason we are here, also there is a God shaped hole in each humans heart that is reserved for God alone, no other ideal can fill this; some examples could be drugs, sex, money, or any other thing but the true And only creator or god, this is the great I AM.
    Matthw Kennicott

  3. Nice example of the protection an earthly father provides his child and the protection our heavenly Father gives us.

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