The Warmth of Christmas

It’s freezing outside–okay not freezing, but pretty darn cold. The other day a good friend of mine came over to help me hang up Christmas lights.  For three years I have avoided hanging Christmas lights because it felt strange to put them on a house that is not my childhood home.  This year I felt the spark again so I rummaged through our garage in search of our Christmas lights.  I managed to get two very heavy boxes of lights down from the a shelf and I meticulously reviewed the lights to see which ones would make the final cut.  After tossing out about three-quarters of the lights, I looked down at the strand of shimmering lights that did work and I the tears starting to flow.

Where was she?  Why couldn’t Baba make it to this Christmas or any of the past seven?  Doesn’t she know how much she is missed and needed?  As I placed a strand of lights around my shoulders like a boa, I became that little girl again…

“Baba, can we put up the lights now?” “Na ya. Let’s have daddy get the heavy boxes from the garage and we will put them up.” My dad would then take down the boxes I have waited to see since the prior Christmas.  I can hardly wait!  Baba and I carefully test each strand of lights.  I climb up on the ladder and she hands me the lights to carefully lace over the old rusted nails.  After about an hour, I am on may last strand. “It is almost done,” I shout with complete excitement.

My favorite part of hanging up the Christmas lights was when we were able to step back and admire all the beautiful lights shining as brightly as ever!  Even though it was very cold, the lights warmed our souls.

What Christmas treasure do you have that warmed your soul?

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