Christmas Treasure Chest

I thought this Christmas season I would do something a little bit different with this blog.  My grandma, Baba, passed away a little over seven years ago and since then I have struggled year after year to find joy and celebration in Christmas.  I know Jesus is indeed the reason for the season and that should be more that enough to celebrate, but I have come to learn that you can do very little with a broken heart.

I remember when my mom came to pick me up after school with huge sunglasses. It didn’t take much to see that something was definitely wrong. She told me that this would be our last Christmas with Baba. Stop for a moment and imagine what would it be like to hear that this will be your last Christmas with your loved one who part of the reason Christmas was special when you were growing up. Looking back on that day, my mom gave me a ruby of wisdom. She told me to close my eyes and imagine Baba. Then she told me that all those memories will live forever inside means; no one can take them away. She told me that Baba will always be with me. All I had to do was close my eyes.

The other day, I closed my eyes and allowed myself to meet Baba during Christmas time. In that place, I realized how precious my memories of Christmas are and how important it is to allow them to be shared with others. This Christmas season I welcome you into a treasure chest of Christmas memories that may  encourage you to open up your chest of memories and share with others. I hope you do.

6 thoughts on “Christmas Treasure Chest

  1. Sandy,
    I think that is the nice thing about memories…no one can take them away from us. I look forward to hearing your special childhood Christmas memories too!

  2. Bill,
    I am sorry for your loss. I hope that you can make your in-laws and mother live this Christmas through sharing your blessed memories.

  3. Nice imagery of a treasure chest filled with memories. And how lovely that your Mom encouraged you to imagine your grandmother and to hold on to that memory as a way of visiting her in your mind (and heart) whenever you want.


  4. Great post Michelle. Both my in-laws are in heaven and my mother went there is 2004. Those first couple of Christmases, especially the first one, was really hard. I know enjoy my children, my grandson, and any extended family. But i still don’t forget those I love who have gone before me.

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