As I removed the leaves from the planters, I thought about how much happier the plants would be–the leaves suffocate their ability to grow.  When I was little, I would sit for hours watching my grandma scoop the fallen leaves out of the planter boxes.  I could not understand how anyone could spend hours picking leaves out of a planter box only to return to the same task the next day.  During the fall and winter seasons I thought all of my grandma‘s hard work was for naught.  But when spring came along, wow!  All of her love, hard work, and faith transformed those miserable looking plants into beautiful flowers.

The way my grandma handled the plants, carefully making sure they had everything they needed, is the way God cares for us.  He wants us to grow strong and healthy and to blossom in His love.  However, there are times in which we do not allow Him to take the leaves out of our planter boxes and, as a result, we end up weaker and more vulnerable.  I struggle on a daily basis with being patient on God’s timing. My prayer is to hand Him back the control and to receive peace in return.

What areas of your life do you find are difficult to give over to God?

2 thoughts on “Leaves

  1. I loved your thoughtful piece about how your grandma tended to her flower garden, just as God tends to us. Nice image. And your photo captures the season – and story – so well!


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