The Midnight Mistake

About a year ago, Garrett and I were a awoken by a loud crash. At first, we feared the worst, however, we assured ourselves that it was just Stastny playing with a box downstairs.  Still groggy, the Sandman lured us to back to Sleepy Town.  When we got up the next morning and headed into our living room, we were treated to the sight of a knocked over flower pot with the plant and dirt all over our rug.

Forgetting that Stastny is a dog, we asked her why she did it and we told her that we were disappointed in her. Garrett pointed her nose in the dirt and said “Bad dog!” Stastny knew that she was in trouble and remained quiet the whole morning sequestered in her crate. When she finally came out, we reminded her of our disappointment in her. As a matter of fact, every time she made contact with us that day, we made some reference to her bad behavior.

Later on, I could feel God asking me what the difference between how He handles our ill behavior or bad choices versus how Garrett and I treated Stastny. The difference can be summed up in one word: GRACE. God extends grace to us and is quick to forgive our mistakes, but as humans, we struggle with letting go and forgiving people who hurt us.

The question that comes to my heart is, why is it that God forgives us and offers grace, but we who strive to be like Him hold on to the memory of the wrong? God taught me that while a reprimand may be okay, we should not assume His role in judging.

Once again, as our good friend tells us, “Let God be God. All you can do is your part.”

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