After viewing several articles and watching YouTube videos, Garrett and I decided that we were ready to prune our beloved roses that brought us so much happiness. We reluctantly got out the clippers and prayed that our roses would come back abundantly stronger. As I clipped away, I felt guilty–I was stifling the roses chance to grow and when I was finished, the rose bushes looked so colorless and lifeless. What did I do?

It was then that God confirmed in my heart that I did the right thing. He showed me my life and the difficult times in which He had pruned me, preparing me to live a life filled  with His abundance. I remembered those times, but I wished I could have bypassed the painful pruning.

When I was 11 years old, my care-free years ended when my heart rate went from 70 beats per minute to 224 beats per minute!  Shortly after being hospitalized, I was introduced to a cardiologist who placed me on a two-week holter monitor. I felt like a lab specimen and could not bear to go to school hooked up to wires for the next two weeks. I felt humiliated and could not understand what I did wrong to bring on such misery.

I am now 31 years old, free from tachycardia. Since the age of 11, I had to undergo 3 heart surgeries and sample several different doses of heart medication. I have at least 4 beta blockers in which my very supportive mother had to hold back the tears as a way to reassure me that every thing was going to be okay.

I was also not able to be on a sports team because my heart was not reliable. I did not want to let my team down in case my heart acted up.  As a matter of fact, I remember when my I found out my husband was an All-American runner and I smiled and told him, “That’s great because I am half-Czech.” Since that time, Garrett has patiently taken it upon himself to introduce to the sports world.

My heart problems enabled me to see a side of life I may have never known. My mother was my number one cheerleader during that time.  She was there for every appointment and we would always get Wendy’s frosties after visiting the cardiologist. The time we spent together was priceless.  As I grew older, I began volunteering in the hospital as a a Candy Striper. I felt like God gave me the gift to look into the patients’ hearts instead of their IVs and bandages. After college I was blessed to work as a child life volunteer, though it was difficult to see the pain the kids were enduring, I felt like God had given me the compassion to help them get through it.

Looking back, I see that God used my heart problems as a way to prune my soul and for that I am forever blessed.  When difficult situations arise, I will often tell me husband that God is working through us to prepare us for something good.


1. How has God pruned your life to help you grow healthier?

2. What helped you trust in God’s plan while you were being pruned?

2 thoughts on “Pruning

  1. Bill,
    Garrett and I admire your love for your wife and girls. We could see how much your wife respects you and you love your wife in one of the pictures on your blog. Pruning is never and easy thing to go through, but we sure look better after it.

  2. Several times I have lost my job and found myself at the end of my rope. Each time God came through. I had to go through burnout to realize what I was missing in my relationship with Him. I had to have my “have the pants scared off me” to see what sin was doing to me. Each time God gently brought me to Him. What helped me? The realization that God needed to prune me and the love of my wife and girls. Good thought today Michelle.

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