“Good- Bye”

I wrote this poem when my grandpa  Ralph passed away during my sophomore year in high school:


What you see, lying  before you is my shell, my body.

I am not moving or breathing, my body is dead.

You cry in sadness and yet I wonder why?

I, meaning my spirit or soul is alive and free,

No longer caged or spoon fed by society.

You  are in denial. You think I might wake up,

That I’m just sleeping and will come back soon.

I cannot.

I awoke to a new life the moment my heart gave off its last beat.

If you cry now, the weight of your sadness will bind me,

To a world that is no longer mine.

My work is finished here.

“Good-bye” is only good if you mean it.

Please say it peacefully and in truth.

Send me on my next adventure,

Let me go.


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