This Little Light of Mine…

Not long ago, Garrett and I sat in the Target parking lot listening to the Sunday Harvest Crusade message. Our plan was to listen while driving and get some errands finished, but God had a different plan for us. Garrett and I could not turn it off because the message was so powerful. We sat in the car for over an hour taking in every word.

It was such a blessing to have time with God and each other. Every once in awhile, we received some weird glances from people who questioned why we were just sitting there listening and at times worshipping off key.

We felt so refreshed after the program and we were hungry for more, but life’s demands were knocking on the car door.  As soon as we opened our doors, it was like opening Pandora’s box. Time wore on and our spiritual zeal faded as we had to wait in long lines and listen to disgruntled customers.

No longer were we protected from the darkness, we were in it. God did not create us to live sheltered lives avoiding the darkness. He called us to step into the darkness.  We have a choice to hide the flame within us, but as Christians we need to go light the world!  Matthew 5:14 states, “You are the light of the world–like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden.”


1. How do you shine the flame Jesus has put into your soul on a daily basis?

2. What do you do to become spiritually refreshed again?

4 thoughts on “This Little Light of Mine…

  1. Bill,
    It was Greg Laurie who we were listening to. How do you speak the truth and shine your light when you are or feel threatened? Good to have you back!!

  2. You speak truth here Michelle. So hard to stay on the mountain, even though you want to. But life presses in and on. It is going back to WHOM he was speaking about that renews our spirit. Good to be back and following you again. BTW: was that Greg Laurie you were listening to?

  3. Matthew,
    It is good to have you back! I agree with you in putting on the full armor of God on a daily basis. Garrett and I prayerfully put on the armor of God when we start the day and just before going to sleep.

    What suggestions do you have for all of us in terms of moving forward from an almost unforgivable past?

  4. I put on the full armor of God before I go out to battle the evilone, for we are not fighting flesh and blood rather the demonic hord and the demonds. We need to be in prayer. I at times fall in the same corundum, thou I need to get up pray forgiveness and move on. We have the power of the most high through the blood of Jesus. This is vital that we know the word of the bible and learn to apply the word of God and to share it. We walk in lower & strength through the mighty perfection protection of the Great I AM.
    We need to move on from the past & be refreshed start anew.

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