Being Like Cinderella

As a little girl, I dreamt of being Cinderella and falling in love with my future husband at the ball. My sister and I would put on only our finest dress-up clothes and I would imagine I was dancing with Prince Charming. As I got older, I learned that love was not supposed to be a fairy tale in which people live happily ever after. This insidious lesson weakend my heart. I never knew what it felt like to be loved by a guy until I met my husband. I was under the misconception that love is earned and that I had to act and dress a certain way to achieve it. Garrett came into my life shortly after the passing of my dear grandma Baba. A part of me died with her and did not have the strength to put on an act. I was tired of playing hard to get and I wanted to be accepted for me. I remember taking a very courageous step in my relationship with Garrett. Early on, I wrote to him and told him that I would not play games with him or be who he wanted me to be. I just wanted to be accepted and loved for being me. This was a courageous move because I thought it would scare him off and that he would be disappointed that I could not give him the image he wanted.

Do you know what Garrett did? He loved me that much more!!!


1. How have you courageously demonstrated your self-worth?

2. Have you ever dreamt of being Cinderella or the Prince?

3. What events took place in your life to realize that there is a huge discrepancy between fairy tales and real life?

2 thoughts on “Being Like Cinderella

  1. Julie, I kept thinking about your comment all day and I have to ask you, at what point in your life did you discover who you were in Christ? I think I could use all the tips I can get 🙂

  2. When I discovered who I am in Christ I found my self-worth. My value is found in Him and living for Him is what is most important. Living to please man is too hard and makes me feel like a failure every time. Love your blog.

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