Deciding Where the Labels Go

We have all done it…labeling.  Labeling is a very functional and organizational tool that I would be helpless without.  Stop, and think of the countless things you put labels on. Notice, I used the term things and not people.  It seems completely harmless to put labels on things, but what happens when you put labels on people, especially your loved ones? Are the labels you stick on them sincere?  Are they proud to show off their labels in public or do they cower in shame?

The other day God showed me some labels that were just down right hurtful and asked me, “How would you feel wearing these in public?”  I  quickly apologized to God after reading them.  He smiled and pointed to the person I should really be apologizing to.

The next time you decide to stick a label on your loved one, imagine if instead of words you used sticky notes .  What would the notes say on them?  How do you think he or she would feel having to publicly display those labels.


1. What would happen if you removed one unnecessary label from your loved one each day, until he or she is free from the toxic labels?

2. Are you tired of wearing certain labels?  Which ones?

3.What is the best way to get your loved one to remove the hurtful labels he/she put on  you?

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