The other day, God gave me a very effective strategy for stifling my ability to complain to poor Garrett. I thought “ZAP” would be an appropriate name because the concept is to zap the enemy out of your heart.

Here’s how it works:

*Step one- Allow your mate(friend) to complain for 5-10 minutes, letting everything go.

*Step two- Pray as a couple(team) for God to fill your mate’s (friend’s) heart and not the enemy.

*Step three-Whenever your mate(friend) brings up the issue that he or she has given to God, do not allow your mate(friend) to fall in the enemy’s trap. Immediately stop your mate’s(friend’s) worrisome thoughts by reciting scripture.

The purpose is to use scripture to ZAP the enemy. I know this idea sounds a bit corny. However, Garrett and I tried it and it works amazingly well; not only did going through the ZAP process bring us closer together, but we also became closer to God as a couple.


1. What methods do you use to ZAP the enemy from your mate’s (friend’s) life?

2. Did your method bring you closer to each other and God?

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