I Am Sorry

Dear Friends,

I am not sure where to begin in terms of explaining my absence on our blog. This may sound strange to many of you, but if my story can have a positive impact on at least one of you, then it was all worth it. In December, I spoke of how God took away my schedule, but that is not all He removed from my life. Wow, this is difficult. Long story short, God took away this blog, my writing, and speaking opportunities because I was far too prideful, controlling, and performance-driven; there wasn’t any room for God to be glorified. I used to base my self-worth on the amount of people who would looked at this blog. I needed something because I felt so empty committing my life to this healing ministry God is ushering me into.

All this is to say, I am sorry for not fellowshipping with you and for abandoning you. I pray that you can find it in your heart to forgive me. I am learning that is incredibly difficult to be obedient to God’s calling. It’s one thing to hear Him and another to follow…

4 thoughts on “I Am Sorry

  1. I think it is really awesome that you felt compelled to apologize. I thought you just might have had too much on your plate. I think it speaks well of your character to do so (even though I don’t think you did anything horrible). I agree with Haley, sometimes we all need to take a break. Anyway, glad to have you back.

  2. Michelle,

    I have always been blessed by reading your blog and found your insightful revelations, growth, and healing process to be uplifting and encouraging. Thank you for sharing the heart God has given you. Shine strong!
    Bboy Don

  3. I simply thought you were taking a break, something we all need to do at times. Praise God you are back and be easy on yourself in terms of this blog. We are responsible, too.

    Faith is being sure of what you hope for and certain of what you do not see. -Hebrews 11:1

    Love you!

  4. Dear Misa

    We were really touched by today’s post from you. We are glad you are back to writing and communicating with all of us about your walk with the Lord. You offer strong insights that indicate that God has been working on your heart.

    We love you
    Bob and Sandy

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