Day 10-Expectation List

God had my husband and me write all the things we were lacking in our marriage, then we took those things and made an expectation list. God asked me a couple of very important questions, “Is your husband the man you see him to be? How do you see him?” This was a very powerful exercise as through God I was able to break the lies of the enemy and declare our relationship as blessed in the name of Jesus Christ! Not only that, but God took me to the side and spoke to my heart. In doing so, He assured me that my expectation list was a means to becoming a princess in Him–I was allowing myself to feel the royalty that God feels we all deserve.

My husband is absolutely incredible for more reasons than I can write. At some point, I began listening to the enemy’s lies: I am unworthy of my husband, I should not speak up about the desires of my heart, and I should do only that which makes Garrett happy. I thought that I was being an exceptional wife who truly showed love to her husband. Now, I realize that I did not give Garrett all of me because I did not feel worthy of accepting his complete love.

2 thoughts on “Day 10-Expectation List

  1. Hey Misa,

    There’s so much to learn in relationships, isn’t it? Thanks for being so open about yours. I also didn’t realize certain insecurities in me until I started dating myself. God’s really helping us grow through relationship.

    Love you lots,

    Your little pigeon Nina

  2. Hey Misa,

    thanks for being so open about this. I hope to get advice from you someday about marriage and all.

    Your Pigeon Nina

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