Day 9-Royal Blessings

God tucked me into bed with words of assurance. I thought that having nice things was a sin and that to be a true disciple I would have to give away everything I owned. I also thought that my life would change for the worse if I accepted lavish gifts from God because my joy would come from the gifts. In prayer, God told me not to live on man’s approval, but on His. He spoke of the importance of being at a point in which I could feel my royalty in Him, even if I was wearing pajamas or comfortable-around-the-house clothes. I learned that I first needed to be walking in God’s royalty so that I could feel worthy of receiving His gifts.

My true royalty comes from my heart because that is where God resides. I remember playing pretend with my little sister when we younger. We used to turn our house into a luxury hotel, feasting on delicacies, such as fresh grapes, and bathing in one of the exclusive pools–a big bucket filled with water. We dressed up in my mom’s clothing and truly felt like royalty. This precious memory reminds me of how God wants us to find joy in the blessed opportunities with which He presents us. Our royalty is not defined by who we are or what we have. Our royalty is the joy we feel when we can turn a large bucket into a exclusive luxury pool.

What royal opportunities has God gifted you with?

What is your favorite royal childhood memory?

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