Day 7-False Sense of Royalty

I took it upon myself to define my royalty by doing a future dream shopping trip with my husband. We went to a car dealership and we were instantly greeted by a man who showed us what we came for. When I got into one of the fully-loaded cars–wood-paneled, GPS, rear view backup camera–I felt like complete royalty.  That is, until I test drove it and I realized the speed limit was 40 mph while I felt much safer going a smooth 25 mph. When the first car seemed a bit big for me, I had a Goldie Locks moment and tested the smaller model. However, my husband and I both decided that we liked the first car and I asked the salesman if he would mind if I tried out the first car one more time since business was slow. His response was, “I would rather not.” Then he handed me his card and said, “Call me, otherwise this was a waste of my time.” I could not believe the audacity of the sales representative. Didn’t he know that he was talking to royalty? At the time, it upset me, but now I can look back at laugh at the whole experience.

God taught me that stuff does not define me or make me royalty. My heart was in the wrong place on that afternoon because I thought royalty was tied in with luxury as well as acceptance from others. God showed me that my royalty is defined and created by my relationship with Him. My friend explained to me that I need to get rid of my strong attachment to money. She explained that my royalty comes from loving Christ and His children. Instead of praying in my royalty in Christ, I became very conflicted and entered a battle of the flesh vs. the Spirit. Like any battle, it was ugly and very difficult.

Have you ever allowed one of your special possessions such as a car or a house define you?

How did you take your identity back in Christ?

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