Day 6-Learning to Walk in Royalty

Notice the first part of the title, LEARNING. God chose to speak to me about royalty today and how critical it is for me to first walk in His royalty. This was a very difficult lesson for me to learn. As a matter of a fact, this topic will be intertwined throughout my journal with God because, just when I thought I was walking in royalty, the enemy would trip me.

In prayer, God showed me how I did not wear a purple robe of royalty. Rather, it was an old, torn, and smelly robe as I wore poverty, insecurity, fear, and unworthiness of being a true princess of God. Then God asked me a question, “How will you lift women up in My royalty if you cannot lift yourself? The Lord’s question stopped me in my tracks. I was headed in the wrong direction because I was unable to accept the blessed places God wanted to take me.

Have you ever felt paralyzed by fear to move forward with God?

What did you do?

One thought on “Day 6-Learning to Walk in Royalty

  1. I find it very difficult to have the kind of self-image God wants me to have. For too many years it was shaped by my achievements and undermined by my shortcomings. It is hard to really truly believe I am royalty.

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