Day 5-My Halloween Candy Bag (Part 2)

Well, I am back to my candy bag. I thought the lesson previously learned about raising my husband up as a strong Biblical husband was powerful, but the enemy danced around my thoughts.

“Lord, how do I lift my candy from my husband’s candy bag ?

God shared with me that I needed to confess to my husband as to why I needed to dump my candy all over his candy bag. Let’s stop here for a moment. I told my husband about my friend’s vision and told him that my core fear for dumping my candy on his candy bag was losing my identity by being controlled. We are still newlyweds and God has been doing a mighty work in teaching me about my Biblical role as a wife. I used to cringe when I read Ephesians 5:22, “Wives, submit to your husbands as to the Lord.” At the time, submission meant defeat to me.

My husband held my hand and assured me that we are a team and that defeat does not define us because we are in this together.

My prayer is, for you wives out there who are struggling with control or the act of submitting, that you bring your concerns to both God and your husband. I pray that God cleanses and fills your heart and that you reach a point in which you can joyously submit to God’s will and the will of your husband.

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