Day 4-My Halloween Candy (Part 1)

A dear friend of mine confronted me with a vision she had of my Halloween candy covering my husband’s bag of Halloween candy. While this vision may seem strange, it has powerful symbolism. Earlier that month, I experienced very painful migraines accompanied by anger. In prayer, God showed me that I was too controlling and that I needed to raise my husband up as the mighty man of Christ that God designed him to be. My control and anger robbed my husband of God’s blessings and my candy symbolized control. Without knowing it, I was stifling my husband’s ability to be a true man of God.

This lesson on control is the first of many I will share with you. To me, control is a means to attain safety. If I am in control, then I am the only one who can hurt myself. God did a mighty work in teaching me to relinquish control. I cannot wait to share with you some of the crazy adventures He took me on.

In the meantime, what does control mean to you?

Do you feel helpless when you are not in control or grateful that someone you trust is leading you?

One thought on “Day 4-My Halloween Candy (Part 1)

  1. I hear you. I think for most of us, safety is our overriding concern. What will protect me from being hurt? How far do I dare trust? How much control can I have over my circumstances – including the people in my lives?

    I am still learning those lessons. Thanks for honestly sharing your struggles. I’m sure they will bless many.

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