A Week to Remember

Good morning everyone!

I wanted to take a moment to explain why I have been so distant and why, as of yet, I have not responded to your well-thought out comments. The Friday before last, while praying to God, I saw these words on my precious to-do-list: WHATEVER GOD WANTS ME TO DO. In a nutshell, I spent the entire week with God being guided only by Him. I cannot wait to share what powerful lessons He taught me and to hear your feedback! Right now, I am in the process of praying over how to articulate what God showed me so that I can share His magnificence with you.

Thank you so much for your patience with me and for your support in my walk with God. Words cannot begin to describe how truly blessed I am to grow in fellowship with all of you!!

Here’s a question for today: What is one thing you are willing to give God complete control over?

7 thoughts on “A Week to Remember

  1. It is not a secret to let go and to trust God. It is a firmly held belief that God had a plan for me and for all of us long before I was even born and before the Earth and Universe were created. I think I am in charge, but do we really want me in charge? Sometimes I sit up and night and consider how imperfect I am, and this is unhealthy yet a bit like me, but I find comfort in trusting in God’s plans. Fill in a favorite scripture verse or song lyric here, but “Our God is a Mighty God” and Amen, sister! I rely on His strength.

    Additionally, I love your responses you are receiving. Whatever else happens for and with you, you are missed when you do not write, and isn’t that nice? High five, after your quiet morning time with God. : )

  2. Lawrence,
    I missed fellowshipping with you!!! God has given me permission to share my journey with Him. I cannot wait to hear your feedback:)

  3. I will walk with aba Father hand in hand for you are my dad and I am your child through what Your only begotten Son Jesus Christ whom is both God/Man. God you are three parts thou you are one God making up the Holy Trinity. Each is disstenct having you individual character and identity thou collectively you make one only living and true God for there is no other and there never will be. God you are one of a kind being the alpha and the Omaga = the beginning, the midle, and the end all incompising creator and God of all without exception. What you have created was perfect and wonderfully made with out fault or blemish. Your design was for both your self and human kind to always be harmonious in a loving relationship in the guarden of Edon that exemplifies heaven on earth your foot stool walking with us. You gave each person free will so that we had a choice to follow and serve you or to go our own way….
    In the beginning truly the world was in bliss and everything was beautiful and there was no danger nor rules but one do not eat from the tree of Good and Evil. That is simple and easy enough I would think though humans are a quererious lot we want it our way without being told what to do. Eve was deceived by the snake whom was lucifer the arch angle in discize (deception…). Though Adam the first man chose to sin and eat of the forbiden fruit and disobey Gods’ instruction. Sin means missing the mark.
    We should not be so hard on Adam and Eve for we would have done the same, for this is human nature, sad though true. We each need to learn to love and be able to Listen and obey God in love and honor. God always wants the best for us though we can ether accept it or we can sabotage the gift and saidle for a counterfeit. The aultimate choice belongs to each of us.
    God said “all things work together for good for those whom love and serve Him”. Being a Christian does not mean that now bad things will not happen to us, and we will then be amuned from hurt, pain,or deception. In fact we will be under worse attac from the evil minions(fallen angles). Though we Christina can not be defeated nor distroid, because greater is He that is in us (God through the Holy Spirit whom lives in us). We are gareenteed to be more than quankers, for when God is for us we are majority when we obey the Lord most high regardless what happens. People are not the enimy but rather the demonic forces, the people that are agents God are deceived and are pawns that are being used and the demonic forces use them as puppets and then distroy the and spit them out and then find another victim to bring mayhem agent the kingdom of God.
    We can not

  4. I am giving control over everything and it is bothering me lately. Sometimes I want more security and less unknown. Then I continue to trust anyway.

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