5 thoughts on “Your Joy

  1. As I mentioned in my prayer request I am in a challenging job right now. The management is very poor. They are constantly lying and working us ragged.
    But I pray to God for strength and He shows me joy in working with the kids. They are so innocent and positive and helping them learn makes me very happy.
    My coworkers are also very nice and supportive. God is wonderful because He always shows us happiness during tough times.


  2. Matthew,
    Your walk with God is a beautiful testimony to all of us. Thank you for having the courage to walk with God, even when He took you to scariest places!

  3. The joy needs to be found in being content where God is holding you in His hands. This is not easy for me at times I feel that I am placed on the back berner and the fire is turned up and the water is evaporated and there is nothing left. God then has to refell me and refresh my soul. I have to admit I do not like this and at times I am peaved though God knows what He is doing even if I do not understand, hence He is God and I an not. Help me to be a quick study and mold me to be the gift to others for you glory as you work through me. I want to be a testimony for you like a tree planted by the river in psalm 1. Or help me be a sheep in psalm 23 under you the good Shepard of my total existence and dependence. After all your banner over me is love and you Lord Jesus alone are my redeamer and Comfoter through your blood atonement.

  4. I have that thought every single day. I think you were more than likely being challenged by the enemy & my Dad just wanted to remind you that He loves you. I once heard that if you are being “tried” by the enemy that means you are on the right track. It’s when you are being left alone that you should worry.

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