4 thoughts on “Praying

  1. I really don’t see that there’s much of a wrong way. Let me explain, as long as a person’s pouring their heart out to God with thanks praise and at times a call for help, isn’t that what He wants? I’m not sure but, just in case, I believe we were given a basic guidline with “Our Father…….”. I also think that as long as we pray from the bottom of our hearts, not trying so hard to impressive phrases or words; or even trying to sound good to those who might be around, I think we’re okay.

  2. When we pray it is talking with God in a two way relationship, this is a wonderful honor and privilege that The Creator Most High desires an audience with you personly always. You are valuable and made in his image. In addition you have been bought back by the blood of the spotless lamb of God Jesus Christ The Only Redeamer of our sins. Yes we all have sinned and fall short and deserve death though Jesus took our fate on Himself out of love, mercy, and Grace for your benefit. Are you going to open this gift and apply it to your life or place on the shelf and not enjoy the benefits and relationship with Jesus?
    The topic is prayer. This is communication with God put simply. I am going to take for granted that we all know the Lords Prayer. One line I want to focus on is forgive us our sins as I forgive others. This means if I do not forgive others I will not be forgiven this is principle that is a requirement for our prayers to be heard by God! Sin is a horrible deli-bating cancer that causes death, misery, and separation from God: unless we repent and come back under the anointing of Jesus our mediator and redeemer.
    Some impotent and vital information to be known that our prayers will not be heard by God are: 1. Unforgiveness of our sins, 2. anger towards another for a harmful act caused to you known or unknown, 3. pride of life, 4. Not accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior, For He is the only way, truth and light to our Heavenly Father. If we really love God we need to obey His words and commandments stated in The Bible, in prayer this communing with Him, sharing your faith with others, producing faithful works or good fruit, asking forgiveness for our sins and giving it to others, and so forth…

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