7 thoughts on “True Forgiveness

  1. Have you ever heard the phrase “kill them with kindness”. That’s how; I think we’d both agree that it’s pretty hard to hate a person who shows you so much love.

  2. Lawrence,
    How on earth have you been able to show people even more love than you may think they deserve at the time? You have a beautiful heart!!

  3. To me it would be let go. It is impossible, of course, to erase things from our memory. But, to no longer hold a grudge and to let someone’s trespass again you not affect your status with them. That’s true forgiveness, more often than not, it actually improves the relationship.

  4. When we go to God asking for forgiveness He throws it as fare as the east is from the west ( in a straight line continuesly traveling never stoping) never to remember again. This is exsiding! We are on the other hand are not god and we need to be in relationship with Him asking to be transformed to be more like Him, for He is the STANDERD we are to follow with the help of the Holy Spirit that lives in us Gods’ Beloved ” The True Christian”.

  5. True forgiveness is giving the situation over to God asking Him to help you give all your hurt, anger, frustrations, or any other problem that you have with a person whom caused you personly harm or offense and let it go. Grant them pardon, for God loves me so much that He sent his only begotten Son to buy me back into the family through the blood sacrifice. In the Lords’ prayer it states forgive us our sins as we forgive others; this is a mandate from God himself we each need to take seriously, if we want a true relationship with our creator and to be forgiven ourselves!!! Forgivenes is a gift for us to be set free from the pain and suffering that Boggs us down and makes our life miserable.
    Our bodies have not been created to carry unforgivenes, when we do it causes dis at ease,(sickness or disatsease) which puts inanity between God, you,and the person you are holding a grudge with. If I do not forgive someone the only person I truly hurt is myself, and the victor is the evil one! By letting it go both God and you are the winners. Hence you are able to be walking, talking, praising God like He intended you to! I personly know I want the Gods’ best for me and being under His covering, for there is nothing better!!!
    Forgivenes does not mean that trust comes back to the place it once was, yet it can. We each are to decide on each situation and infraction at a time the severity on an individual bases, by this I mean that is a carrictor flaw or it a lapse of judgement.
    When i

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