Verse 3-The Best Christian Rapper- Lawrence

-Should I call it quit’s; naw, I’m gonna finish this rhyme.
-I’m gonna make sure yall hear me this time.
-Put ’em up, put ’em up; nevermind put ’em back down.
-So you can get a biblical smackdown.
-God’s not concerned with your looks or your wealth.
-God’s only concerned with your spiriritual self.
-My lyrical self, says, take a stand against evil;
-and present yourself holy, so God can recieve you.
-All satan wants to do is mistreat you;
-but God gives you the armor so he can’t defeat you.
-It ain’t nothin’ but a party when you praise The Lord.
-So let’s praise Him so loud that it shakes the floor.
-It’s time to put the kingdom of God, back on the map;
-(and) I’ll do it through music, so I can’t, slack on my rap.
-(So) Put on your sunglasses when your steppin’ outside.
-Because there’s gonna be sunshine and incredible skies.
-Give it up, let go of sin, before time runs out.
-Too late to take it back, ‘cuz I’m out.
-He’ll try to get you directly, or satan’ll try to take you by stealth;
-so let him go to hell, all by himself.
(repeat once)

2 thoughts on “Verse 3-The Best Christian Rapper- Lawrence

  1. As a beleave of The Lord of Host a sign of love From God is that he is quick to correct those that love, this is a blessing. I know that at times it does not seem so though in the long run it stops the pain and suffering it is like coderising a horrific wound permitting healing and stop the your blood from vacating your body bleeding to death. At the same time it repairs the relationship with God and you when you heed his correction and ask for rependence. I know from exsperance it is easier to quickly stop a new budding habit rather than to change an engraned bad sin. It is easier to correct a misguided infraction than felony case and point: I received a ticket to fix two Burned out lights and not having , of insurance, I missed the court date and I was fined 1500

  2. Can you visualize actually getting hit with truth (biblical smackdown)? That’s why I call this one Libera Nos A Malo or, Deliver Us From Evil. That’s what God’ll do if we not only follow His way, but pass it on to others.

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