One thought on “The Golden Rule

  1. Do unto others as you wish them to do unto you! People are very valuable and deverse at times complicated. We all want to be needed, wanted, valued, loved, pampered, listened to, pampered, bloom where planted, educated, cultivated, activated in our faith and building relationships with the human population, and so much more! We need to learn that the world does not revalve aroun us rather around our creator first and formost and then others then we well discover our perspective and lifes perpose.
    Our perpose is to love our God with all our hearts, mind, soul, and body (being transformed from the inside out to be more like Jesus and die to self and become relationship orientated and obedient to our God as stated in The Bible) this is the first part! The second part is to love others in same maner that we love ourselves and put others ahead of us after all we are family created in the image of God and his blood runs through each person.
    Love is patient, love is kind, love is self controlled, … We are to show compassion for others leaning to listen to others and live a life by obeing the holy sciptures as laid out by God himself using 44 people to documantate who, what, when, where, and why the Great I Am is and what He expects us to be. He reveals Him self to everyone either naturally or super natually to all the question do you want to listen to what God is saying or do you want to do it your way. The choice is given to everyone the quandary is who do you belong to and whom are you going to follow. There are only two kingdoms and that is the that God the creator of all going to the heavenly kingdom life for eternity with the divine or on the contere with the demonic fallen angles lucifere and his minion in the neither regions or hell!
    We as Christians are given the honor and privelage to know our Lord and Savior are we going to be a good ambassador of our faith showing His love to all or are we going to hide it under a bushell and keep it to ourselves? What does the golden rule means to you and furthermore what are you personly going to do with this incredibly wonderful gift that has been so graciously placed in your hands to share with all? I have confidence in you and this will be your passion that you will accomplish with joy being light in a dark world! Keep the faith for you are part of the royal court as a prince or prencess of Heavenly Father!

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