Spiritual Armor

This question came up in my Kay Arthur Bible study. I cannot wait to hear your response.

“What piece of spiritual armor would you like to wear more of?”

I chose the shield of faith.

3 thoughts on “Spiritual Armor

  1. All things work together for good whom serves and loves The Lord, hence all the armor is vital to equip the Christian solder marching as to war. Oue enemy is not flesh and blood, on the contray it is the evil fallen angles part of the demonic hordes known as deamons and the principalities of the evil one. We need to know Gods’ word and place it in our hearts then through the power of the holy spirit that lives within we will be victorious in our walk and faith

  2. True the shilled of faith is vital, though you need them all for if one is missing then you are venerable and you can be attacted for the simple reason you leave part of the body uncovered and when this happens the enemy find a weak point in you and when sin enters a Christian the the fallen agengles have permission to attact us because we are a devided kingdom! All works in unison and are important. Hard to destiquish the one I like the most.

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