The Introduction

This question was presented by Pastor Lou from our discipleship class. I love it and I am looking forward to hearing your response!

“How would you introduce God to someone?”

3 thoughts on “The Introduction

  1. I would just let them see the love God has put in my heart. I would also brag about all the wonderful and miraculous things He’s done for me. If it was meant for them to be in His kingdom that would no doubt peek their interest. Then I’d just go from there.

  2. I am always concerned for the person and my greatest desire is that each person may personal knowledge of Jesus Christ as their personal Lord, Savior, friend, and serve God alone and no other. I have to examine my faith and relationship with God on a daily baises in prayer, forgiveness, repentances; to make sure my heart, thoughts, and my perpose is always under the sum mission and guiding hands and instruction of the Holy Spirit. I have always started asking an individual if they need prayer for I want the best for each person so they may get right with God andhave a wonderful life in victory and obedience with my dearest friend Jesus.
    I am discovering that I first have to earn the right and build relationship with the person I am talking with as a friend and listen to the individual make strong ties to how they are and that this person is wanted, needed, valued, and loved By God and Me! Make a friend and befriend them and live the example of what a Christian is then mentor by decipling your new friend. I need to build a reppour with a person not just a shot-gun approach rather earn the right to be a friend and person they respect by forging a relationship based on the word of God and becoming like Jesus with skin on for them. For I might be the only Jesus with skin on through the holy spirit that lives inside me, for we as Christians are the temple of the Holy Spirit.
    The motives have to be formed with pure intentions and heart being from the vantage point of His utmost for His highest. As I live a life and then share the truth how important God is and then love others the same way as I understand that Gods love is for this individual the true seeds may be planted and we can become like a farmer of the word of God planting, others may water, and sow forth and the bounty is gleaned By God building His kingdom. Thank you for your love to our Lord Jesus and for the people around you, the person random acts of kindness is evident and noticed By both God and Others. You are valuable and need as well loved and you make a difference, live victoriously in your faith and loving relationship with God and others as an ambassador that is faithful.

  3. Since you are in a class, I wonder if there is one right answer, but here is my gut reaction, having never been asked in this fashion. People unfamiliar with God have not wanted to attend church with me. So, based in part on that experience, I think I might share how when in trouble, I turn to God, but then began to develop a deeper and more meaningful connection. I used to ask God for what I want, and now I ask what is His will for my life. God helps me to do what I could never do alone. It is harder to attack me, for me to feel alone, and I feel less defeated in a community that knows God. God is someone I want to know. I want Him on my side. Then I would do an abundance of listening, and if God goes unmentioned between us, probably raise it up again myself, and let the person know if s/he ever wished that I was available to discuss God and other matters.

    I would not begin by discussing Heaven and Hell, nor what happens when people are disconnected with God. If the person showed ever a glimmer of interest, I would give a Bible to the person. I would not share how faithful people live longer. I would not share any particular movie to watch at first. I would begin by being there for that person, because at some point that person may ask why, or where my strength comes from. People can be quick to shut down, and so some of how I might introduce God to the person depends a bit on that person. To tell someone high on drugs and high at the moment that God loves you even if true does not work well. To let the person know there is another way and I am serious, that might work, using whatever language works, when the person is sober.

    Most of all, I will have patience, as some paths are quick, and some are slow, but if the person does not know God, I might be the connection, and what an honor!

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