Verse 2- Lawrence

-Jesus Christ values yo life, and please try to learn;
-to ignore satan and his hatin’; he just wants you to burn.
-Misery loves company, so satan has alot of friends;
-at his club in hell, where he’s lettin’ everybody in.
-(But) there’s, really no need to heed his invitation.
-Please, gimmie a minute to explain the situation.
-The son of God gave His life for you, the devil didn’t.
-(And)If he’s ever given the chance to, trust me, he isn’t.
-He’ll leave you, high and dry, until the time is right.
-He’ll even try creepin’, while you sleepin’ at night.
-Ready to take your soul, don’t (even) trip, God’s got you.
-(and) If your worried about the devil, trust me, try not to.
-God’s got the devil beat in every single way;
-that’s why I thank Him every single day.
-If you turn up the volume on this (track), you’ll turn the devil upside down;
-that’s what’s up right now.
-Give it up, let go of sin, before time runs out.
-Too late to take it back, ‘cuz I’m out.
-He’ll try to get you directly or satan’ll try to take you by stealth.
-So let ’em go to hell, all by himself
(Repeat once)

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