The Priceless Penny From the United States of America- Matthew Kennicott

    Once there was a shinny penny that was minted like any other coin ether in the past or today.  A coin is an inanimic option that is assigned a value to trade for another object that is designated value. Any way this penny was one in-which only a few that had been minted to commemorate an unique occasion, because of this the coin held a significant value beyond the face value.  Hence as the years passed it became a reairer commodity as the years passed and more people wanted this special item, this is called supply and demand.
     As time passed this coin was not touched by human hands incapsulated in a plastic container and was placed in a safe location, as time passed the man  become so buzzy that he forgot about his coin collection. The house was sold and the family moved away, hence a new family moved in with four boys.   One of the favorite games that they played was hide and seek.  On one of these Joyce memorable games one of the middle youth found the small box with a plethora of coins and placed it in his sacred stash to examine it latter.  As time passed he looked at the treasure many times over the years adding other wonderful mementos, hence his wealth grew went through college and years past quickly then one day he took his loot to get it appraised discovering that he had this coin worth a lot of money.  We all can spend and utilize what we have and never know the treasure we have in our own pockets in lose change that we pass off as we buy things that we need or want without examining the gifts that God puts in our hands.  Be thankful for the many blessings that you have and be constantly looking what comes your way, for truly it can be pennies from heaven.
    As Christians we have the most magnificent treasure that any human-being can behold the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ our redeemer.  If you really love someone then share the love of Jesus that can last for ever, and the treasure last for ever.

Written by Matthew Kennicott

Inspired by the holy spirit

2 thoughts on “The Priceless Penny From the United States of America- Matthew Kennicott

  1. We are unque and wonderfully made in the image of Heavenly Father the great I AM. Are you going to Let Him into your life for He knocks at the door of your heart calling you by name, open to him and let God take the rains of your life and transform you from the inside out, creating a new improved vessel to build the kingdom of God! You arevaluable and a masterpiece, live like it and let the old life style go and look through the eyes of our Lord and Savior. What God has started in you He will Finnish and the other promis that He wil never leave you! This is a garentee and not come back void. Share the wealth of our God to all and see the blessing of your brother and or sister become part of The Kingdom of God, there is no beter gift or treasure of true love that you can give someone else that gives homage to our Savior and that other individual, Life that will last forever in heaven!

  2. A story I once heard about a maulty millionaire walking down the street sees a penny on the ground and He stoops down and picks it up and examines it. A poor hobo stops and talks with him say excuse me sir why do you pick up money from the ground and not leave it for people who need it. The gentman replies “let’s look at the front of this coin together what do you see? The millionaire says, I look at the coin and read what it says on the front the marvelous words “IN GOD WE TRUST”. This is a reminder of my faith and perpose of my existence.”
    (the rest is my addendum to the story).
    The kind rich man then did something wonderful adding a random act of kindness inviting the man whom was on the skids for breakfast and shared the good news about Jesus and his love for him. After that then they went shopping for new cloths, hair cut and cleaned up the man to make him presentable and then offered him a job. Out of all this kindness and love that was both moddled and shared by example the word of God grew in the heart of the once bumb and now became a man after Gods own heart and friend. The rich man mentored and decipled him in the life style and the way of holy scripture of The Bible and lived it out, putting wings to his faith as a loving perticipent of what an honor and privilege it is to be a Christian and to be chosen by our God most high. Our lives are to Be more like JESUS more and more for we are a new creation bought back by the blood of jesus and we are called to be a living sacrifice for Lord and Savior!
    What are you going to do for our King today in graditude for what marvelous gift God gave to you? How has God changed you from the inside out to be transformed? Do others see the Good fruit of God taking up residence in you life? Please share it in this blog walkingwithGod! Your statements help build my faith and adds a demmintion to others! In addition it will incourage Misha to continue her labor of love to our community! This is her calling in life at this time, she does this for the love of God first, a true missionary for the kingdom of God! Please be an encouragement to Misa, others, and me. This will help us all to grow in ouf faith and be a Christian family!

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