What is the difference?

Garrett and I are involved in Rooted at Mariners–an intense spiritual formation class. Today, we discussed the differences between submitting and surrendering. What is your take on the differences between the two?

One thought on “What is the difference?

  1. God want each person to walk with Him in relationship as a friend in love and obedience to his word. We are under his authority and his protection. We need to strive to know, serve. In love our God under the power of The Holy Spirit for we are Gods’ elect and because of God choosing us first and the we chose him let’s work under his power and live a life full of adventure, change, perpose, fulfillment, and love. Let’s walk in unity and homage to our king I double dog dare you to be faithful to our God what a blessing you will have and share with others, let the blessings come down as you live a life as a faithful child and part of the royal family by the blood and life of Jesus in his reseraction. Jesus is the key to the heart of God himself. Start a life in victory as living in Gods best for you as instructed by The Bible under the power of the Holy Spirit .

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