Love Dare #5

LOVE DARE#5 as referenced in The Love Dare:

Ask your loved one to tell you three things that cause her to be uncomfortable or irritated with you. You must do this without attacking her or justifying your behavior. This is from her perspective only.

Please note each dare will be extended a week so that you have enough time to do the dares, reflect with God, and fellowship with us. You may do the dares more than once a week if you are in a position to do so; allow God to be your guide. Please feel encouraged to comment as a means for stronger fellowship, but we do no want you feel obligated to do so.


2 thoughts on “Love Dare #5

  1. Luis,

    These dares get harder each week–I’m trying to focus on #6.

    I’m glad to hear that as difficult as love dare #5 was, you embraced it and it’s strengthening your relationship. It’s great to follow along with your comments regarding each love dare and have someone keeping me accountable.

  2. Ok guys Dare # 5 was a HUGE challenge…!!

    First thoughts were “Do I really want to know this…” – after a few days of going back and forth – I asked……

    this is what she came back with:

    1. It irritates her – that I am not fully engaged in our home finances. I help out every once in a while with paying bills on line BUT as the leader of my home – I’m not being consistent in leading in this area. I have the attitude like “Hey – I’m working, the direct deposit is in, savings is strong – so use it to pay bills and whatever is needed. After all I’m providing for my family…!” WRONG..! I need to lead in this…!

    2. She feels uncomfortable when I speak to people about my past (before we got married). I tend to ‘brag’ about all the fun it was……

    3. She gets irritated that I don’t “make enough time for her” – and spend more “Us” time alone….even though I know I can….OUCH..!

    …..I seriously did not like this dare – but I did it anyway…now it’s time to get to work on these things…

    Thank you Lord for this dare…..

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