2 thoughts on “Reconciliation

  1. Lawrence,
    I am glad that you are walking so powerfully in Christ. Did you want to share the fatal thing that happened to you? If it is too hard, I understand. I am always touched by what you write and I am in awe of what God is doing through you.

    Keep going my friend!!!

  2. Just last night, I prayed and thanked God for the day I had and the air He let me breathe. Even though my day wasn’t very eventful, I felt the need to do so anyway. I also asked Him to help me get and stay on right track. I have been improving (inside myself and out) so well since something fatal recently happened to me.

    God has been putting so many people in my life, new and old. He has shown me that if I walk away from Him, how can He reach me. All I had to do was walk back to Him. It’s a long journey, but I’m almost there. I’ll see ALL of you guys there too, when I get there. It is such a privalege to know you all and, soak up so much wisdom. I know if I have any questions, between everyone who visits this site the answer’s here somewhere.

    Please keep writing, I get a lot of strength from you all. I wish there were even more people visiting this site. Imagine how much more strong we could be.

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