The Boy and the Apple Tree- Shared by Matthew Kennicott

    Many years ago I heard a story about a young boy whom lived in the state of Washington in a small town in the country and in his back yard grew this spectacular apple tree with a plethora of fruit.  As a matter of fact the apples won first prize in the state fair and the young man became an inter-prizing salesman sailing the splined apples for five cents each.  The boy was so happy that he made money from the diligent work that his grandfather spent cultivating, pruning, watering, and fertilizing this spectacular apple tree that captured first prize, the boy received all the accolades for the little work that he put into the momentous task of tender loving care (t.L.C.) bumper crop and the tasteful golden delicious apples.  The grandfather truly loved his grandson so much that he was willing to let Him receive all the honor and money for the marvelous apples.
    As the winter started to approach the grandfather suggested that they should prone the apple tree so that the could have another bumper crop next year and to help the tree to service the harsh winter and all the weight of the snow from damaging it.  The boy threw a horrific temper tantrum that perhaps the whole state of Washington might of heard the whole commotion, the grandfather relented even agents his better judgement and many years exspieance out of love for the beloved grandson.  As the harsh winter took it’s tole on the lone  apple tree, snow filled each and every limb beyond it’s ability causing to be rent into.  The young boy looked out the window at their prized apple tree to discover the worst catastrophe of his young life. As both the grandfather and the rushed out to inspect the tree and the kladisclismic damage the each recalled  to remember the fun time both his grand dad had spent together enriching  their relationship with each other while working together on the apple tree project.  The young boy then started to cry about the tree asking the question is the tree dead or can we save it?  This was a great question, the reply was I hope so though there is not a clear cut answer.  I will try my best although I will have to prune the tree back almost to the trunk and it will yield sparse crop next year if at all.
     The lad said can we try to fix it.  Grandpa responded with a smile and they both commenced the long difficult task together forging a stronger bond as string thing the family tree and memories that last many years.  Then the grandpa then reminded the you about the lesson about the need to prune the tree back at the beginning of the winter season.  If I cut the apple tree back like I wanted to in the first place then this Delma would not of occurred and we probably have another bumper crop and have a chance to win first prize again.  We will be fortunate to even have a few next year, time will tell.
    God needs to do the same to each of us are we going to let Abba Father do what is best or are we going to suffer the consequences of willful disobedience and lack of judgment or we say yes for what is best.  This is like the love deer are we going to do what is best for all concerned or are we going to do it our way.  I need to think things out without being impetuous and I will find more fullment

One thought on “The Boy and the Apple Tree- Shared by Matthew Kennicott

  1. What is your most prized possession that you have? Are you will to strive to share with others what is your true love with others? Why or why not please share for what you have to say is important to me, for I am searching how to share my faith in a better steward of my faith. Your input is important for I want to be better than I am you can help me, I hope that you please share the good news that people want to know Jesus. Can you help me please, thank you

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