Very Powerful Lyrics by Lawrence

– I remember, back in the day, when I scrapped everyday;
– from people throwing my shortcomings, back in my face.
-For me it seems good food came in my dreams,
-and owning nice things seemed even stranger to me.
-It was like; excuse me sir, can you spare a dollar;
-and all my t-shirts had ring around the collar.
-They say if walls could talk, my problem was shoes;
-Walkin’ around, with an ego that was bruised.
-On the inside, I was about as happy as a man on deathrow.
-But now I follow God, so let’s go.
-He said the next road in your life is going to lead you to better things.
-Heaven brings more joy than chedda brings.
-I’m gonna make you a warrior, (and) take yo straight to the top.
-But all of your sinning; has to come to a stop.
-God’ll never leave you alone, He’ll never lead you astray.
-Step out in faith, let Him lead you today.
-Give it up, let go of sin, before time runs out.
-Too late to take it back, ‘cuz I’m out.
-He’ll try to get you directly or satan’ll try to take you by stealth.
-So let ’em go to hell, all by himself.
Repeat once

6 thoughts on “Very Powerful Lyrics by Lawrence

  1. Matthew,
    I agree with you in that prayer is a VERY powerful weapon against the enemy. You cannot be in prayer and listen to the enemy at the same time.
    Bless you!

  2. Take a bite out of satins power and distruction over us Gods beloved when we pray, obey, teach, deciple, study the word of God from the holy cannon known as The Bible asking God to help each of us to understand the meaning and place it in our hearts and minds, then to live it and put the words to action by living the glorious revelations. We have the most powerful and only living God and there is no other. Let’s tap into the power and live a victorious life in the obundance and protection of or God. We have the power so we need to learn how to utilize and put in practice asking the Great I Am for guidance, mercy teaching to love, respect, serve, and to utilize His gifts that he bestows on his beloved to share with others building relationships and the kingdom, for this is the true joy and perpose of our exsistances. I feel that I continuesly need prayer from each of you saints to live a and to strive to live a life of passion and obedience in good health and strength for it take a two or three people to pray in Ernest and Jesus through the power of the holy spirit is amongst us and he hears us works amongst the faithful. Lest stand in unity and remain strong in victory in the power, might, strength, under the leadership of the king of host Jesus Christ our redeemer our Lord and Savior. We are not fighting agenst flesh and blood but rather the demonic forces and principalities, the individuals who do not know or serve our God are held captive by the fallen angle and his minion and are deceived and held captive, we can make a difference united by living and sharing the truth to all people in love through the power of the holy spirit who lives in each of us.

  3. I will I finally stopped pouting about my music these now 5 times. I hope that through whatever He tells me to write others can be helped. I’ll try to send you more tomorrow. Thanx for your support.

  4. Sin bits, you in the end, so it’s better to stay away from it, for it is only fun for a season and then yup have he’ll to pay, pound of flesh and if it was not for Jesus it would have cost you your soul! Thank you jesus for your love and mercy for you are my best friend and I oh you my very life for you are my all and all.

  5. Lawrence,
    God has given you an amazing gift of song writing! Please continue to share your music with us. I feel inspired and honored to post your pieces.

    God bless and it up!!

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