Too Much Water

Below is a copy of an email I sent out to everyone I could think of on five hours of sleep. This is also an explanation as to why I did not post something new and refreshing today. Stay tuned for tomorrow‘s post. We are just one day away from Friday!

Hello Everyone,
Please pray for us. Last night around 11:30 pm, a gasket from the water heater broke, causing our entire garage to flood! We spent until 1am trying to save our valuables from water damage and we are still not sure of all the damage done. Please pray for God’s provision, for Him to be glorified through this mess, and for the enemy to no longer have control over us.

Thank you so much!!!

Bless youJ


3 thoughts on “Too Much Water

  1. Matthew,
    I receive what you are saying and I really appreciate your friendship and kind words. Garrett and I are blessed to have your friendship.

  2. Take one day at a time. If a bad incident occurs do not let it Distroy the way you feel, don’t let it make your day horibal, rather ask what God wants you to learn from it. And move on, I find this difficult for my self at times. We are to be a people of God walking, talking, and leaping with joy all the day long for the Lord is our strength. We are the children of the king through the blood of Christ and his anointing. Let’s live in the victory no matter the secomstances or our feelings, for our life is based on the word of God and who He is in truth, amen.
    I love him with all my heart and I am renewed daily for I am a new creation and a work in progress not based on fellings rather on Gods plans and desires for the perposes for our creations. All things work together for good, I need to learn to look at the over all picture, not just one snapshot. I need to open my horizons and glen from Gods’ perspective at all possible. We are valuable and need to try to love ourselves as God loves us and have mercy on who and what we are, and no longer be our worst enemies. Especly me for I am difficult on my self for I see my many flaws, ouch though true! God has forgiven me now I need to do the same. I have to lern to walk in Gods’ freedom and not in my old patterns: hurts, pains, or secomstances, for that time is over and I need to live in the here and now. This is where the difference is made for the past is over and done with.

  3. As a child of God, the enemy will never have control over you. He is, however, dumb enough to attack. Through your misfortune someone will be provided with a job (for the repairs). I earnestly pray that you did not lose anything too valuable. For those things that were lost/damaged, I pray you all get something twice as valuable to replace it. I love you guys and I’m sorry to hear about your misfortune.

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