What an Honor

One of my favorite Bible verses is Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through he who strengthens me.” This verse is meaningful to me because it is a reminder that I am absolutely helpless without God working through me.  In addition, I rejoice knowing that God is taking the time to work through me. What an honor!


1. What is your favorite verse?

2. How has your life been impacted by that verse?

6 thoughts on “What an Honor

  1. Jessica,
    I want to affirm you for your strength in letting go. I do not think it is ever easy to let go of someone you invested so much time in. God has an incredible man waiting for you. I love the image of you courageously holding on to God’s hand.

    Bless you!!!

  2. I happen to like this verse a lot right now!
    I’m looking to God for strength. I’m trying my darnest to get someone out of my system. It’s difficult cause I’ve been close to him for 5 years. But since moving to Arizona, I’ve been able to think a lot, and realize he’s not the one for me. It’s difficult for me to let go, and get out of this ‘habit’ of speaking with him almost everyday, because we have been so close for so long. So, far I haven’t spoken with him for a week. I can tell, God is holding my hand walking me through this. I see great things in my future with doing this.

  3. It’s always gotta be Gen. 50:20; what you meant for evil God has turned to good, to make things like they are to this day. I have had so many attempts on my life to the point where I’ve been to the emergency room 5 times and the doctors told me I was supposed to die. Each time I survived something miraculous happened afterward.

    Like when I was sixteen; I was stabbed by my sister. It came half a centimeter from punturing my lungs. I was shocked to hear the nurses tell me there was no room in the lobby or my waiting room. I had well over 100 visitors who were concerned. They even let one of my friends out of jail on a 2 week furllo (temporary release), just to see me.

    In the end, there was agang war ended as a result because I was always trying to keep the peace between the two fighting gangs. I still have that scar to this day but what a mighty God we serve that through my suffering many lives were saved.

  4. I can trust Him no matter the secomstandes for he will never leave or forsake me. He is my comforter, friend and my all in all even in the face of danger. We can always count on our God for we are his precious lambs and He is our great Shepard and provider.

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