The Gift of Obedience – Garrett’s Response to Love Dare #3

I spent the week thinking of what would be a good gift for Misa for love dare #3. At first, I thought about picking up a rose bush for Misa as we both enjoy gardening together. However, we much prefer picking out the plant together so a gardening gift was not a good option. I then considered sharing Belly Flops candy with Misa, but I wanted a more meaningful gift.

I was drawing a blank on the gift when God presented a perfect opportunity for me to be obedient to God and support to Misa. Misa was slated to speak at a local church and afterwards both of us offered to help a friend. However, the night before Misa was to speak, I received a call from a good friend who was offering a dugout box suite ticket to the Angels’ game. I told my friend that I would have to check with Misa to see whether she would be speaking. Secretly, I hoped that I could attend the game the next evening. However, I prayed about it and God reinforced that my gift to Misa was my obedience in supporting her. I called up my friend and told him that, as much as I would like to attend, I would have to decline as it was more important for me to support my wife.

Not two hours later, Misa was confronted with a similar situation as one of her friends called to say that an extra ticket to the Women of Faith conference had become available–Misa had wanted to go to the conference, but the tickets were too expensive. She felt so excited until she remembered that I had honored her in passing on the Angels’ opportunity and she wanted to do likewise. She told her friend that she would love to go, but that I would be supporting her that evening and we wanted to assist our friend.

In the end, God rewarded our obedience. Misa’s speaking engagement was postponed for a week and our friend was unavailable that evening. Misa got on the phone to secure the Angel ticket for me and her friend was able to give her the ticket to the Women of Faith conference. We headed to Angel Stadium and the Honda Center respectively and we had a great time reliving our experiences that evening and what God had taught us.

3 thoughts on “The Gift of Obedience – Garrett’s Response to Love Dare #3

  1. God is all incumpussing, the alpha and the omega, the great I am. He is never too busy for it is his nature to be with us through the blood of Jesus. He will not leave the believer for He will Finnish what has been started. God is a relationship builder And care about all things. He is never too bizzy for us his beloved

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