LOVE DARE #4 as referenced in The Love Dare:

             Contact your loved one sometime during the business of the day.

             Have no agenda other than asking how he or she is doing and

             if there  is anything you could do for him/her.

Please note each dare will be extended a week so that you have enough time to do the dares, reflect with God, and fellowship with us. You may do the dares more than once a week if you are in a position to do so; allow God to be your guide. Please feel encouraged to comment as a means for stronger fellowship, but we do no want you feel obligated to do so.


One thought on “LOVE DARE #4

  1. Hey guys,

    This love dare was easy – yet I was wondering “WHY did I not do this before…!!”……It seemed that once the workday starts – we lose track of loved ones….kids, wife, etc. at least for me this was the case….

    I never thought that a simple phone call – that took just 30 seconds – could be such a HUGE thing for my wife….UNBELIEVABLE…!!

    So this is how it went down. Monday’s are probably the busiest days for me, especially when my plant runs 24/7. It’s the busiest shipping and production day for us – so my entire staff of 12 and production/warehouse employees of 65 – are all working hard this day….and in the middle of it all (God of course) but me as well. As Plant Manager – I’m the guy who is supposed to have all the answers…..(yeah..right…) but I try…

    So imagine, in the middle of all this, I decide to take on Dare # 4 – so I walked into my office, closed the door and dialed my lovely Colombian wife’s number….

    She works for a middle school – so she would probably be very busy as well. She answers and she says “IS EVERYTHING OK…!”….”Ohh my GOSH what happened…!!…….This is the perfect reaction from someone who does not receive calls from her husband during the busy work day…..

    I said everything was fine, nothing was wrong: “I just wanted to take some time and call to say hello – and that I was thinking about you..” “How is your day going honey – I love you..”

    …..silence……..then I hear sniffles…..

    Yep – she started crying…….She thought it was the BEST thing ever….it made her day…!!

    She said thank you honey – we said I love you..and continued on our day…

    I sat in my office for a few minutes – and prayed… I asked the Lord to give me wisdom – to understand how much the “very little things” – I don’t do – mean to my wife…..

    Thank you Walking with God..!!

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