6 thoughts on “Complementing Your Loved One

  1. Sandy,
    I am sure that Bob is very touched by what you wrote. I want to affirm you for being able to share about Bob’s incredible talents with us.

  2. Bob is very comfortable speaking and leading large groups of people, which I think helps him be a very effective teacher. He also has a remarkable recall of detail, which allows him to capture his students’ imaginations in the classroom. He’s the kind of teacher every parent wants their child to have; testimonies from former students attest to that. I, on the other hand, prefer to interact with people on an individual basis.

    Bob, also, is quick to come to the rescue of anyone in need, while I’m more cautious. This both works and doesn’t work for both of us, as one can be too quick as well as too slow to respond.

    Bob is also a wonderful organizer of large events, with the capacity to manage a number of people. He seems to gain energy from such activities, while that kind of enterprise wears me down.

    After 37 years of marriage, we know our differences and try to let one another handle things in a way that best suits us as individuals.

  3. Bob,
    Garrett and I pray that our marriage will be as strong and loving as yours with Sandy. You both inspire us to put God first in our marriage. Thank you!!

  4. I talk. She listens. I am outgoing. She is reserved. I laugh easily. She laughs at me. I am tall (6’5″). She is short (5’3″). Whole lot more but we have made it work for over 37 years.

  5. I guess I always think that Sandy complements me in so many ways rather than me complement Sandy’s talents. I think out of necessity for the survival of our relationship, Sandy took on most of the financial management responsibilities of the family, became more practical, realistic, and strategic to enable our family to position itself with a better sense of stewardship and planning. I think that my ease with pubic presentations and interactions balances Sandy’s preference for solitude and reflection away from the limelight. I also think that Sandy’s sense of discernment provides me excellent counsel and sounds important cautionary notes, when I start to lead impulsively with my heart. Sandy also is a very faithful prayer partner to many people, and she reminds daily, but quietly, of the importance of prayer by her actions.

    On other fronts, my interests in carpentry, athletics, and all the arts brings some measure of difference into our lives, just as Sandy’s background in ministry, writing, editing, and spiritual studies adds richness to my life.

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