A Therapeutic Marriage Tool

My husband and I are kids at heart. As a matter of fact, if you were to come to our house, you would first be greeted by the Great Stastny and then you would see a pile of games and all kinds of memorabilia we kept as kids. It’s difficult letting go of those things that brought joy to us as kids. For example, do remember the game Connect 4? Well, we love to play that before heading to bed.

In addition to our toys, we enjoy playing all sorts of sports, chasing Stastny, or even sneaking on the playground near our house.

Recently, we called our family members to tell them about our newest form of entertainment. Let me give you a few hints and see if you can guess: It’s 24 inches long, powered by air and springs, bright-colored, and is a wonderful form of entertainment after a long day. What do you think it is?

Drum roll please…Garrett and I decided to splurge on purchasing two Raider CS-35, fully-loaded Nerf guns! Talk about therapeutic. There is nothing quite like unloading a round of nerf darts as means for welcoming Garrett home. We even went as far as converting our living room into a mini combat zone. I am still working on hiding as Stastny never fails to find me and blow my cover.

Although the title suggests something on the serious side, God has taught us to never lose our playful hearts and to take time to have fun. Marriage is a lot of work and would not be worth it if you and your spouse did not take time to laugh and be playful with one another.


1. What therapeutic tool do you use in your marriage?

2. What childhood memorabilia have you kept that resonates with you?

3. What do you and your spouse do for fun?

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