Princess and the Pea

In addition to be called Michelle and Misha, I have another name…Princess and the Pea! I sleep with a night mask, my hippo (about 36 inches tall), and ear plugs. Our neighbors have a bright light that shines into our room. Thus, every night Garrett and I go through the tradition of closing the curtains (sheets) we hung from our 4-poster bed. It’s funny because while the light may not bug Garrett, it bothers me, and I am the one wearing the night mask. If that’s not enough, before getting into our comfortable sleep positions, I kindly remind Garrett in a loving wife tone (not) that I will have to kick him if he lays on his back and snores.

Last night I could not understand why I had such a fitful sleep. Earlier that day, we went to the dog beach and had a wonderful dinner with my parents. It was a blessed experience, so why was I awake at 3 in the morning?

I rolled on my stitches the wrong way causing a surge of pain, but it wasn’t the pain that was keeping me up. It was something else. I could feel small particles of dirt rubbing on my legs. Whatever it could be was all over the bed!

Garrett was sound asleep and there I was, bothered beyond belief by these small, yet very annoying particles. The next morning, I complained to my mom about these bizarre particles and let her know how disturbed I was by them. My mother asked me, “Did you take a shower before going to bed? I said, “No. I saved time by taking one before the beach, but I did rinse my feet off in the shower after the beach.” She commented, “You didn’t take a shower…it’s sand!”

I realized that if I would have taken a shower then I would have slept well. God showed me that it was foolish to lose sleep over something so petty and that if I would have taken the steps to clean myself, I would not have been bothered. In life, if we remain spiritually clean, we too will not be bothered by the small things.

1. How do you keep yourself spiritually clean?

2. What small things are keeping you up at night?

3. What steps do you take to avoid letting the small things in life get you down?

12 thoughts on “Princess and the Pea

  1. I dont think anyone is spiritually clean. We all mess up one way or another. But I believe keeping your eyes on God. And asking him forgiveness, and trying haard not to repeat what you’ve done. I also believe God never turns away from his children. He loves us all. Just wants us to be willing to accept him and talk to him and ask him for help.

  2. Spiritually clean to me is being almost flawless. My main problem is giving in to my own desires instead of being obedient. The fact that I’m being tested is a good thing to me because it means that God is still training me. That also means He hasn’t turned away from me either.

  3. Lawrence,
    How would you define spiritually clean? What part do you struggle with the most? I struggle with letting go of whatever the enemy is using to bring me down. I have to remember that God is willing to hold on to what I cannot and should not.

  4. Matthew,
    Garrett and I love candles because of the sweet aromas they bring into our house. I will be reminded of the sweet aroma God wants us to be, the next time I light a candle. On a side note, there are too many times in my life when I wanted to do something my way. In fact, sometimes, God allowed me to do it my way, the hard way. I quickly learned that His ways are always of infinite good.

  5. Matthew,
    I can completely relate to the image of my mind being like that of a humming bird in perpetual motion! God constantly reminds me to REST in Him. I think it is easier said than done. You are right about how important it is that we lift one another up in Christ. Thank you for the blessed reminder.

  6. Being spiritually clean is always a work in progress for me. I wish I had all the answers and could just stop making so many mistakes. There are so many times where I am so wrapped up in my days events I lose sleep. I get over that by reminding myself that no matter what, everything that happens to me is through God. He allows things to happen to me so I can be one day worthy to be be in His presence. I can’t wait.

  7. Continue! Let’s try to discover the Good in others and bring it to the surface, we as Christians’ hope will learn to be a sweet aroma both to God and the serounding world. My goal in life is to be the best Christian that I can be with the help of the holy spirit for I am not able to do this on my own vellition. god has to work through me for His glory and I have to give Him this authority moment by moment. I need to learn how to be an active participant in this enddever to be Gods’ utmost for his highest, this takes the anishitive to put my ideas down and to adopt Gods’ perpose before my own. This is something I have to do, though the more I strive to follow this active wilfill form love that lives and dwells within me from being Gods hands and feet through transformation that I have given over toHis authority and will. I have to let my Heavenly Father take my life and let the patter take ckarge of my life and yield to him. This is not always easy for there are times more times than I want to admit, I want to do it my way. Jesus help me to be more transparent and to conform to your wishes, for truly you are my strength and my desire, the blood that flows through my vains. Be my guide and help me to follow your guidelines implicitly and obediently happily with joy and perpose, please.

  8. I love the fact when Something bothers me when I ask God he always answers me in one form or another. It may me a small quite voice inside from the holy spirit that speaks to me. Sometimes scriptures from The Bible come to mind. When I study Gods’ word He answers me. Talking with someone in a conversation the topic reveals the answer that I was perplexed over. I have to learn how to be still and listen not always be a bizzy little bee or humming bird in popetual motion. God want each person to seazee the moment notice the beauty around us that He has created, open the gift of life that He has prepared just for you. Open this gift enjoy the wonders that presents itself learn, listen, study using all the seven seances, I can only think of six but I feel strongly there is another because Gods’ love is complete. This is the way God works. he always give the best, keep your eyes open and discover the beuaty that is there.
    We can find the good, the bad or the ugly in life what is going to be your active view of prospective. Life is a choice that is taken moment by moment. Are we going to let it pass us by or be an active participant.
    God has been showing me if I see something wrong eather in my life or in others without being intruesive or a bother share a random act of kindness this has been a campaign of Rock Harbor Church in the past. We need to share the good things with our community not just keep for ourselves, after all we are family. Let’s learn to bring the good out of others or the God out of them for we all have been created in his image. I have learned about milk that cream always floats to the top. let’s try to find

  9. Sand was meant to be in a shell but not in a bed. The same sand that causes an oyster to make a pearl is the same one that causes discomfort in bed. Yeah, I would get a shower next time. LOL

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