A Moment at the Cross

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.”

Mother Teresa

 1. How will you begin today?

 2. What makes today so important?

My response:
I want to wake up and truly give God praise for blessing me with a new day. Matthew had us do something very powerful at a PTA (Prayer*Teach* Accountability) meeting yesterday…We placed all of our burdens down at the cross. The experience was powerful in that when we came to the cross, we left forever changed, appreciating our moment at the cross.


10 thoughts on “A Moment at the Cross

  1. Lawrence,
    What a beautiful comment! Thank you for showing us how precious each day God gives us is. We love you too! Have a blessed day.

  2. Matthew,
    Amen! Let’s pray for those who come to this blog to be blessed beyond belief in terms of having a glorious relationship with our Lord!

  3. Matthew,
    After my surgery, I had a very difficult time calling God my Comforter. I was in too much pain and got lost in my pain. I was upset that God did not heal me right away. I later learned how my pain was to glorify God. Talk about an honorable lesson.

  4. (Misha)
    Thank you Matthew for this wonderful spiritual exercise and for the reminder of how Jesus lived His life. We need to keep WWJD in our hearts!

  5. Matthew,
    God shared a powerful lesson with you by using an ordinary experience. We have to be careful not to miss out on the lessons God teaches us. My desire is to be a quick study. I am glad that you were able to make it to church and share your lesson in fellowship.

  6. I will start today with a smile. Today is so important to me because my Dad gave it to me. With all the wrong things I’ve done in life He still gives me each day, when as a sinner I really deserve death. I dedicate today to my Father. I don’t know what is in store for me today, but I will embrace it with happiness. I hope that everyone’s day is wonderful. I love you my brothers and sisters.

  7. Without Jesus God and Man would be enemies and we could not communicate or be part of the family of God. The blood of Jesus is the covering for our transgressions for this reason we are graphed into being weather Jew or Gentile are able to come to the banquet table of the wedding feast. Jesus is the only way to God and there is no other way. The trinity is the only living true God, all else is a counterfeit, lie, that leads to death. Please do not be fooled by lucifer a false lying murderous deceiver who want to distort and dictroy humankind for we are made in Gods’ image. This is the reason Satin turned agents God. For he thought he was all that and a bag of chips or the cream of cream, the altimete creation. He had a temper tantrum.
    The cross is the reason why we can come to our heaveny Father and this is the only reason is through the blood covering of Jesus. As Jesus states I am the only way to the Father and there is no other path. The path to heaven is straight and narrow. The path for distraction is wide. Please ask Jesus into your heart as Lord and Savior. This is the only true ride of life that will last for eternity A-Z ticket ride and Disney can only provide an A-E ticket ride that will last for that day and then have to repurchase it again this last for only a while and then it’s gone.

  8. The cross is the center point between heaven and hell which is the penical and the plum line ( plum line means the measuring rood that means that it is straight and even for example the corner stone is what makes a building stands on a firm foundation and not fall.) another point that helps into days terms ( a concert slab that is placed on compact ground with the pluming and electrical line laid and the forms set up to keep the cement in it’s place until it sets and hardens.). Jesus life without sin or blemish is mandatory for us the people to be set free from the life prison sentence seperation from God for eternity. Point two Jesus had to be born trough a woman that did not have a relationship with a man pure, for our Heavenly Father required through nesecity be his only Abba for then he would be human not God/Man. Three, the torah and the penitook had to alighne ( the old testament) for it is the word of God handed down from God into the minds of man kind. The Bible is without flaw. Fourth, Jesus can and is the only one who could save and reunite both God and man through his blood, for Jesus took our place trough his willful sacrifice out of love for all of mankind. Imprtant note each person by mandate from God himself needs to become active and qualified by both water and holy spirit baptism (born again) yielding self to God as both Lord and savior. Five, Jesus had to die as stated in the Bible for the reason it would just be words in a book written by man, God is the true author with man being the pen man doing the coliggripy or scribe. Sixth, Jesus had to be barried and rise again or all would have been in vain and noel and void for all of these elements work together through creative design and master plan, for no human could ever be part of the family or kingdom of God without Jesus help or sacrifice, and complete compliance of our Heavenly Fathers’ instructions for mankind to be posibleity to be restored. Seventh, Jesus had to go back to heaven and live in our heavenly Fathers’ Heart in his new body after his resurrection for this is the price of The Sacrifice human sin and debauchery. Eighthly, the Holy Spirit the comforter had to come to earth and come live in the believer, to make so we become the temple of the Holy Spirit, God lives in us

  9. Today started like most Sundays days peaciful getting ready for church both to serve and worship my God, take holy communion and to be with my family of believers united as one holy body giving homage to our God in union as ambassadors, This is a blessing. Anyway I was ready to leave the house at 7:30 AM. All but my keys for the car, I went to one my frequent places I place my keys, but I could not locate them. I went to all the other place in a panic. God said stop and pray and breath, slow down for I am your God. I stopped for a few minutes and rested in Him. I then continued my search taking the house apart step by step. I needed to be at Holy Trinity Church of Costa Mase at 8:00 AM. For additional set up. Guess what still no keys, this is horrible for others are counting on me, and for a while I feared and became angshious becoming my own worst enemy my heart was sinking with shame. Then God spoke again I have a lesson to teach you arecyou willing to be a quick study or are going to take a long way around this problem the choice is yours. I went back into praise and worship still moving many of the contence like hurricane… I found the keys at 9:05 AM. Past the Time the service starts. I arrived at 9:20 AM.
    What a humbling experience and lesson that God is teaching me I hope that I will learn in obedience so I will not have to revisit this life lesson again and can move on to the next glorious growth project for the honor God, in victory of for righteous kingdom and most important for our majesty!

  10. We as Christians have hope of glory through Jesus our Lord and Savior for He alone ever could pay the price for us his beloved for our sins. He is the only individual who was both God and Man(Jesus Christ ) Jesus as a man was was tempted in every possible manor as each individual of the human species though He did not sercome to the temptation choosing
    Obedience in love and honor both for his Father in heaven and the human rac e who dedicate and yield their life over to his authority into victorios kingdom. Before Jesus died on the cross one of the last statement which was proclaimed was telissty (our debt for humans sin have been paid in full, this covers only the ones as I understand whom dedicate lives to him as his people that disire and serve and obey Him!). God states the work started in our lives once we give ourselves to Him the work that has been started in him will be seen to it’s aultimate conclusion for the honor of God and his kingdom. Another promise is that not one of His faithful will be taken a way. This is a Gerintee and can not be nullified, for this Gods’ gospel truth once and for all. This is a true gift of perfict love for man kind what a price with a horrific consiquences and pain above human amagination caring the weight of the world on him and sins’ for you ( place your name in this blank————–,———–,———-.).

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