My Fear

“When a mother saw a thunderstorm forming in mid-afternoon, she worried about her seven-year-old daughter who would be walking the three blocks from school to home. Deciding to meet her, the mother saw her walking nonchalantly along, stopping to smile whenever lightning flashed. Seeing her mother, the little girl ran to her, explaining happily, “All the way home, God’s been taking my picture!” Fear is often caused by our perspective.”


1.What is your reason for living in fear?

2. How has fear held you back?

3. What happened when you became free from your fear?

My response:
My fear is wrapped up in my self worth. I had always thought that my job defined my level of success. Recently, God asked me tot hand my fear over to Him. It was an incredibly difficult move, but God made it possible to for me to let go. Now, I feel relieved and grateful that God cared enough to help me.


2 thoughts on “My Fear

  1. Lawrence,
    God is good! Amen…I cannot wait to hear your songs and about the additional blessings God brings to you!

  2. For the most part I do my best not to live in fear. I do however, have a bad habit of worrying about the outcome of certain situations. Usually my fears are for nothing. Since I do this occasionally, I have missed out on some big things in the past. Now I do my best not to be so silly.

    I’ve since gotten access to two recording studios, lots of new friends and, the ability to speak up. I can’t wait to see what God will do with these new things He’s blessed me with.

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