2 thoughts on “Complimenting Your Loved One

  1. Dear Matthew,
    My eyes got teary when I read about your childhood and I am sorry that you had to suffer so. I wonder if you would still be such a strong man of Christ if your life were different. I am inspired by how God never left you and healed you with His love. Thank you so much for sharing your touching story which by the way, I read to my mom. She was very moved.

  2. Gods’ is the way, the truth, and the life

    The very best that the world has to offer is through Gods’ design. For there is only one true and living God for there is no other. Other Gods’ are counterfeits and belong to luciferfer aka the fallen arch angle. The important question is what side of the great divide do you want to be on, one is life for ever in heaven with God or the other is in hell in gnashing of teeth, torment, and unfortold torture above imagination. The choice is yours. This is not to lead anyone to fear rather to inform.
    I have had the privilege to know and serve Jesus as my Lord and Savior from youth this has been an honor above all else. I am truly blessed to have the ability being enlightened by hearing and knowing Gods voice and being my best friend since my youth. My life has not always been easy in fact I experienced many difficulties and hardships unlike most people. I had six concusions, brain damage to my frontal lob, eye hand coordination, from the age 3-11 experienced cesuras prahaps from the incefilitus, also attention defficate with hyperactivy and my education was special ed. I had to where a baseball helmet because of my concusions. I did not like the redicule and being the joke of my pears. When all of this was going on I felt like a freak and loved and exceptable or a peace to another puzzle or out cast. When this was going on I felt broken and un watented that cause much pain and suffering. My parents did not know how to love in the way I needed, as matter of speaking the attention I recieved was in the negative most of the time, some attention is better than none. I was never to be able to read or write ( you can see the mirricel that God has done). When the hardships were going on I felt curse, unwanted, damaged beyond belief so I have tried to fix others and resolve their dilemmas. This was not healthy, I will elaborate in the future… God has told me through his word that I am perfectly and wonderfully made and that he will never leave or forsake me. God will use all things work together for good. What the locus have eaten God will replenish for glory.

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