“Pride Goeth Before the Fall”

I started my day off well by waking up super early, having God time, and managing to do a small scripture study with Garrett while he was driving to court. Unfortunately, Stastny did not sleep in until her usual 10 am wake up time because she had to go potty. I kept hoping she would fall back asleep. She did not. I was still in my PJs and I did not want to walk her to her potty area. I kept worrying about what the neighbors would think of me in mismatched PJs. Stastny knows me too well and she could pick up on my hesitation. In an effort to get me to go with her, she began banging her tail against the inside of her crate. I told, “Okay, let’s go quickly. I don’t want anyone to see me looking like I am half awake.”

I got her leash on, threw on some sandals, and made a dash for her spot. She went potty and all was well. Or was it? Just as we were walking up to our driveway, I ate it! I am still not sure how. All I remember is tripping on something and going down hard. Her bark collar control went flying and I skinned both my wrists and knees. Stastny quickly got out of the way and wondered what happened. When I got up, I had blood on my PJs because of my knees being skinned. What a mess! I slowly hobbled home.

When I called my mom to tell her what happened, she started laughing because she was able to picture the sight of me sprawled out on the driveway.

The lesson I learned from my quick outing with Stastny is that pride goeth before the fall. In this case, my pride was focused on how people viewed me. I wanted to be seen as the well put-together neighbor, not a klutz. God showed me that if I wasn’t so focused on what others thought of me, I wouldn’t have been in such a hurry to hide and thus could have avoided a rather embarrassing fall.


1. What embarrassing pride “goeth before the fall” moments have you experienced?

2. What has God taught you about pride?

3. How do you try to not be prideful in tempting situations?

3 thoughts on ““Pride Goeth Before the Fall”

  1. To them I say you REALLY need to simply drop that foolishness. I hate to sound harsh but that’s what we’re doing when we put so much concern into what man thinks. I’m not saying to let ourselves go. There’s nothing wrong with looking nice and owning nice things, but when we make that our main focus aren’t we really taking attention from God. Is it not true that He loves us as we are?

    If it’s not so , then I must’ve been sadly mistaken my whole life. My Dad loves me no matter what and that’s saying something for me because there’s a lot of baggage with me.

  2. I was in a track meet years back. It was the 400 meter dash, and I was winning. My competitors were about 50 meters behind as I was approaching the finish line. I heard some pretty loud cheering and even one person yelled out “you’re gonna break the city record!” Me being foolish, I decided to smile and wave to the crowd. That one little act of conceit, allowed the closest guy to catch me.

    We actually finished neck and neck. I ended up the victor but no city record for me. I was interviewd by a news reporter from OCN who said “what happened”? All I could say was I don’t know. I learned a lesson similiar to your’s. If I wasn’t so worried about playing to the crowd, my outcome would have been even better.

    Nowadays I try not worry how “good I look”, especially when there’s something more important to focus on.

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