“If you are feeling cluttered in your spirit ask yourself – is there clutter in your life? Do you have a closet full of closed and sealed boxes that have been untouched in years, without being used? So it can be with our spiritual life. Do you have spiritual gifts and treasures that you have put into storage and are not using? Give them away, clear the closet!”

Katherine Walden

I like the questions used in this quote. Please feel free to answer the questions and fellowship with us.

My response:
I laughed when I read this quote because Garrett and I have a room that we cannot go into because we are pack rats. We both find it difficult to toss or give away things that have special meaning to us, but we are working hard on prioritizing what we should keep.


2 thoughts on “Clutter

  1. I have been told that I have a gift for music, mainly the writing part. I recently have put this gift in my spiritual closet. I think it’s time to bring it out again; I just have to sort through all the other stuff I threw in the same closet.

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