A Conversation with God

“Perhaps God has been speaking to you and you wonder why you have troubles. Maybe you have suffered a financial loss and you find it very difficult to understand. Is God speaking to you in an effort to bring you back to Himself? You need to face these matters squarely and be honest with God as He deals with you.”

Theodore Epp
My response:

As of late, I have definitely been hearing from God. He has placed heavy duty things in my heart. I know that with the Lord, I can accomplish all that He desires, but this does not mean that my path will always be smooth. It means that I will always have a path to walk down.

3 thoughts on “A Conversation with God

  1. It’s a good thing my Dad’s there to talk to me daily. He has taught me so much. I was never really raised by my parents. I didn’t meet my father until I was 25 (via The Maury Povich Show), and my mom always left me at home alone since about 5 years old and beyond. I wrote/recorded a song called ” Dreaming of Reality”, and in the beggining I say, It’s not the hand you are dealt in life that determines who you are, it’s how you play that hand that determines that. I couldn’t agree with you both more.

  2. Dear Haley,
    I am very touched by your walk with God. You never lost your trust in God, even when it was difficult to see what He was doing in your life. I completely agree with you about how our life struggles help define our character. Someone once told me that we gain character when we go through trails and tribulations. I remember saying, “In that case, I have enough character.”

  3. I like to think I am always open and hear God. Sometimes I miss the mark. I have noticed that during or after financial struggles that things are as they should be and that maybe God is gently pushes me in new directions or helps me to become open to new experiences that I might not have been had I not struggled.

    I was homeless for about a week years ago. My mother made it impossible to live there, though we had agreed I could stay there. I had a job that would not pay as a student teacher. I slept the first couple of nights at my friend’s house though she also rented a room, then just showered there. I was fortunate that I had a car.

    Then I was sick. I learned a whole new system of bureaucracy and learned how much I really loved life. These experiences turned out in the long run to be good, overlooking the pain and dramas. I had limits with my mother and could not watch her abuse substances and had I stayed in that relationship, that would have also brought me down because to bail her out would not continue to work. This situation helped me to develop better boundaries in most of my life, when for so long I was in denial that this could be happening in my family. Then, when I became ill, also with heart problems now, it has forced me to re-think my activities and choices so that I live a long life, or as long as possible, not taking life for granted. Like, I need to have a financial savings, because you never know what may happen and we need to plan for emergencies. I lost some friends, actually many friends, when I could no longer go to the same places and events. That was when I discovered my true friends. Financial or other challenges, it is our struggles that help to define our characters, as much as the good times, maybe more. Then it slowly becomes like the saying, that every day is a gift, even the poor ones. : )

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